I saw this ad for Cambox IS13:  Visor Camera (no affiliation) and I had to watch the video!  Could you imagine how much fun this would be?!

Previously, I had attached my GoPro to Norma Jean’s halter… and that was fun except she didn’t do much.  But now, with this, I could record the best parts of my ride and replay them over and over again.  Or, if I was a jumper or dressage person or a Cross Country person, I could record where I was looking and how I moved my  head.  Very important.

Here is the FB page and below is the video!


We are only $40 away from our goal of to help with refeeding our July Bucket Fund Horse, Dream.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  Any Starbucks money to donate today?!  We are so close and this girl has SO FAR to go!   Any amount is so greatly appreciated and it all adds up!  Thank you in advance!!

Click here to donate!

Dream released at Skydog… full of hope! Look at her inner strength! Let’s help them help her!


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