My life has been so incredibly busy… and some day soon, I will tell you all about it.

But, for right now, occasionally I might have to skip a day, like I did yesterday.  I’m sorry.  I hate when I miss a day, really.  It is like wrecking a Guinness record or something.  OK, 5 years straight of never a day missed… and TODAY, I messed up.

Life is happening.


The good news is this happy accident…

When Dodger was sick last week (he’s back to normal, thank horsegods!), the vet told me to put him on green grass.  So, against the will of my Hubby, I let Dodger snack on the front lawn.

Dodger grazing last week when he was so sick.


–We have two lawns.  One in the front and one in the backyard.  The backyard lawn is fenced and pristine for Hubby… the front lawn is open.  I figured since the dogs occasionally use it, why can’t the horses?

So I did.

I put Dodger out there and … here’s the happy accident part:

We have a swing on the porch for our AirBnB guests.  We never use it because we purchased it for the AirBnB guests.  But on that day, with Dodger, I let him graze as I sat in the beautifully shaded porch swing.

It was delightful.

So, I did it again this week, with Gwen.

And it was delightful.

I’m thinking I have found a new treat for the horses and for ME!

This is me sitting on the shaded porch swing, looking out over the Central Coast vineyards, with Gwen. A good time was had by all.

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