A beautiful Tribute to a beautiful and enduring relationship. “How to love your old horse.” Please read and share.

This was on FB today and it made me feel pride in the grace of wonderful horse people.  Thank you for loving your horse until the end.

How to love your old horses:

Tomorrow my best friend is letting go of her life-long, childhood horse that she has been blessed to have for 28 years.
28 years she has loved this mare – cared for her, ridden her thousands and thousands of miles, shared her secrets and her hopes and her dreams.
She met her when she was less than a day old – and came to own her as a six month old filly. From that day forward she has been dedicated to this lovely red lady – kept her through every life change: teenage jobs, service in the military, marriage, becoming a mom, several cross country moves, career changes, etc.
She continued to love her when she was no longer rideable.
She continued to love her when she needed more care than the “average” horse.
She continued to love and care for her when she knew her days were drawing short and their time together was coming to an end.
And most importantly – she has loved her enough to be able to look into those kind, quiet eyes and know when to let her go – despite her own pain and heartache in saying goodbye to one of the best friends she has ever known.
This, folks, is how you treat your old horses. This is how you give back to those horses that have given you their whole life – their heart – their everything.
I love you, Shawnee Armstrong, and love the huge heart you have for every animal that crosses your path and joins you on your life’s journey.
Little One could never have been blessed to have had a better life or a more loving caretaker.

Do right by your horses, friends.
Give them the love, dignity and goodbye that they deserve. It’s the least we can do.

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  1. Delrene

    Yes. A gift from the heart. Their eyes tell us its time.
    Heartbreaking decision, but a correct one.
    Bless her heart and her lovely mare.

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