An orphaned baby elephant sits on her human’s lap (from Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre).

Perfect for a Sunday…

A lovely story of an orphaned baby elephant and the human she loves.  Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre  saves many orphaned wild ones…  Click here to check out all of their good deeds.

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  1. Bonnie

    Hello, I am always amazed at the foolishness of human beings. I used foolishness out of respect for your format. Animals have fantastic memories. This baby elephant, as well as many young horses who are shown lying down on a human being, are learning behavior. Once they learn this, it will take a much harsher lesson to stop it. Do people not have foresight? Can they not see how dangerous this is, not only for future humans who interact with these animals but also for the animal themselves who may have to be put down for hurting someone. It may seem harsh, but sharing this message is promoting the foolishness. It is nice that they are trying to help endangered species, but they are endangering them by this kind of interplay with the youngsters.

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