I was gone all day riding!  Well, not the entire day riding… we tacked up and chatted and I learned about her horses… then we rode through a river bed and across a few pastures into a large vineyard where they let horsemen ride.  It was quite lovely. Then my new friend bought lunch for us at the tasting room.  Very nice.  And then we rode back to her house.


Hubby sent this article to me and thought it would be a nice blog for a Sunday.  And so it is!

Original article posted here.

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MARCH BUCKET FUND HORSE, SWAYZE, NEEDS SURGERY TO SURVIVE  His Drop in the Bucket Fund (story here) only needs $1210 to give him his lifesaving surgery!  Just a few drops will add up!  Do you have Starbucks money to donate to this very handsome gelding?  He has fought so hard to live!  Thank you!!  Make a 100% tax deductible donation here!

Here is incredible Swayze now, he has fought hard to come back to health… and now this.

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  1. Miss Jan

    Dawn – you need to check your blog mechanics because your blog is being “rickrolled.” When you click on the link you posted it does not take you to the story you think it’s supposed to take you to.

    I had just run my security programs on my computer. After your blog “rickrolled” me I ran it again and it is possible given the numbers of “hits” from my security system which my system blocked that the misdirected web page is infected. Just sayin!

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