177+ MINIATURE HORSES up for auction, many heavy in foal… December 8th, Grants Pass, Oregon!

This kind of thing just twists my guts into knots.

I’m not sure how to help other than to pass on the word…

One of the 177+… heavy in foal. Breaks my heart.




Another pic I chose randomly… they are all darling – not all healthy, but most look pretty good. Many look to be in foal.


The good news is that 40 of these little guys are going to be rescued for sure by a group of rescuers headed by Equamore Foundation.  They have offered to take the 40 least adoptable horses.

Anna, who heads Equamore, says that several babies have been born since the seizure so there are actually more than 177 up for auction.

Also, I’ve been told that 300 people have said they would show up to the sale.

I kinda doubt they will all show but crossing fingers that they will.

*My offer:  If you are a reputable 501 Equine Rescue in Oregon and can go to the auction, bid, transport, house and eventually adopt out several of these horses, please contact me.  The HORSE AND MAN GROUP will fund raise – if criteria is met and we have a secure method to help.

A random photo I chose from the 177 in the catalog…


The bad news is that these little horses are being sold at auction where the bidders are not vetted.  Some of these horse have brand new babies at their sides…  I have no idea how many bidders will show and how many trailers will be there to haul away – and I don’t know anything about remote bidding or if there are temporary boarding facilities for those who cannot attend but wish to participate.





As many of you know, on Sept. 14th over two hundred animals were seized in Cave Junction from an animal hoarder. Among these were 177 Miniature horses. On Saturday, Dec. 8th, all 177 of these “Mini’s” will he sold at public auction. The auction will be held at 10:00 am at the Josephine County Fairgrounds. The county will be offering a “Preview” on Dec. 7th from 1 – 4 at the fairgrounds. More information about the auction and the horses being sold will be put on the internet site of Wayne Liska, who will be conducting the auction www.liska-auctioneers.com. All buyers will need to bring halters and lead ropes.
     Equamore Foundation and other Oregon/California rescue organizations are concerned that some, if not many, of these horses will be purchased by people who may not realize that they are, indeed, horses and need virtually the same care as their larger counterparts: training, room to run, hoof care, and the companionship of others of their kind.
     Anna Clay, one of our volunteers, is spearheading our efforts to make sure these mini horses go to loving owners who understand their needs. If you are a horse lover and have a place to keep a Miniature, please consider adopting one or more of these tiny equids.  
If you have questions, please contact
Anna Clay  
at 541-890-1274 or
email her at:  2ocean22@gmail.com.
If you do not have a horse trailer but would like to participate in the auction, let Anna know.
Equamore Foundation  
                                        4723 Highway 66                                         
Ashland, OR 97520



And another…



Here is the auction website.

You will see that each horse is documented and photographed.

As I perused this, I wanted them ALL.

This breaks my heart that I cannot make sure there is a failsafe for each and every one of them.

Click image to go to the website



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Cyndy

    No.58 posted at the top of this article was not “heavy with foal”. At the time that picture was taken he was a stallion. On December 8th he was transferred to a local family home until he was able to be re-examined by original vet, Gary Buckmaster. On January 4th he received his second exam, was responsibly gelded, teeth floated, wormed for bots, hooves trimmed and nutritional needs discussed. On January 5th he was transported to his new home in Keizer, Oregon. On January 11th he received his 3rd exam by his new permanent home vet Dr. Cierra Riffle of Peak Performance Equine PLLC. Nutritional needs and dietary guidelines were established and implemented. He is on a regular hoof maintenance program and scheduled for his next exam April 2013 which will include all treatment needs being met at that time. He is no longer no. 58. He has a home and a name. Shag! He loves to be groomed twice per day and let out for exercise, stretch and play with no. 29, Miss Winnie who also receives the best in care! I am his family and have been at his side during all transition and treatment. I can’t speak or make assumptions for any of the other mini’s that found homes. I can only tell the story of life after December 8th for Shag (58) and Winnie (29). Thank you to Gary and Courtney Buckmaster and Dr. Cierra Riffle for providing excellent veterinary care.

  2. Teri lynch

    Just seen this :(. I would be interested in taking a couple of someone is coming to mt Vernon area in Washington. Working tomorrow:(
    Please call 360-391-1032

  3. dawndi Post author

    I wish I was organizing this but I’m not. I did pass on your information to someone who will be there that I trust. Good Luck and thank you!

  4. julie sugg

    We are a 501c3 in Bakersfield, California, however are unable to attend the auction. If anyone is coming our way let us know for transport.

  5. Danelle Marvin

    You have my sincere thanks for your post regarding the 177 horses. I am a local who is very concerned about how this will pan out for these horses. Very low starting bids and no requirements are risky yet again for these equine who survived their original ordeal. Spread the word, only two days remain until this auction.

  6. Stacie

    We’re headed down to pick up a couple for ourselves and I would LOVE to pick up more!! We are happy to haul more up to the Portland area if someone up here needs help with that. We are in the planning stages of starting 2 separate 501c organizations- one is a therapy program specially designed to help veterans and the other is as a horse rescue. We have a phenomenal facility that is very under utilized. I also have an offer from a neighbor/friend to house some minis until excellent homes can be found for them. We have 2 being sponsored so far but could haul at least 4 more home if we can get sponsors for them. If anyone out there is interested in helping I have a lot of references, trainers insurance and plenty of time on my hands that I’d love to spend rehabilitating these little guys! Feel free to email me at stacieburgessATgmailDOTcom if you think I can help you adopt or if you think you can help me adopt! Thank you!!

  7. dawndi Post author

    Sure! But you would have to make arrangements to go there and bid or have the auction house bid with you on the phone. Then you would have to figure out his/her board and transport.
    Call the Auction house and see what you could do!

  8. Leslie M Holyaok

    Would people in Utah be able to take in one of these minis?

  9. Equine Crisis Response Agency

    We are a newly formed 501C3 and are interersted in helping with the miniature horses. We are the Equine Crisis Response Agency and our contact number is 541-495-2426.

  10. Jamie

    Poor babies! I would love to bid on a couple, but I live in GA. Any ideas?

  11. Nancy Smith

    Are there any organizations in your neck of the woods who train minis for service animals? May be a long shot and too late, but the ADA does recognize them as service animals.I don’t know how common the trainers/organizations are, as I deal only with dogs for handicap assist.wish I could help more!

  12. Barbara Wood

    Dawn, this is outrageous. I have sent an e-mail to other rescues that we know of in Oregon to help. Am getting ready to post on Zenyatta’s blog and have already posted on FB.
    I love the laughs you provide to my family, along with the good you do by letting us know where help is needed.

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