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Hello Everyone!

You are all probably wondering why I have been re-posting all week (for those of you who noticed…).

Well, I’ve been on what I call a ‘helljob’ of sorts.  All of my abilities are being tested and I actually feel like I’m failing a little.   I’m wiped out, struggling to keep it together and I have been living on energy drinks and a few hours sleep.

So, thank you for letting me slide a bit as I get my arse kicked around the block some…

Now, enough about my woes.. let’s concentrate on the horses, shall we?

I’m reposting a post from BHFER.  This is an update on Admiralty.  To read about him (he was winched into a trailer and then cast beneath it…) click here.



Admiral is doing better each day although he still has a very long way to go on his road to recovery.  Blood work supported what we already knew – he has been starved of proper nutrition and his muscles have been under stress.  He has a liver deficiency in addition to spleen and/or kidney issues.  X-rays up to his hocks, fortunately, revealed no signs of fracture.



When Dr. Das worked on him, her overall assessment was that of extremely poor body condition – 1.5 on the Henneke Scale with multiple wounds on his face and legs and lots of soft tissue injury and swelling covering his entire body.  Acupuncture medians reveal much body soreness, especially in the right foot, ankle and shoulder as well as on both sides of his withers which could be associated with fracture.  Soreness was also discovered on the back side of both hips and hocks with extreme tenderness on his sacral area.




Admiral has increased digital pulses on both fore limbs bilaterally and on both hind limbs, medially.  Lateral digital pulses could not be detected below his back ankles due to severe tissue damage, lacerations and swelling from the trauma incurred when his former owner attempted to load him onto the trailer.  They used a winch with a wire cable in which he became entangled multiple times.  They tried to winch him on the trailer while whipping him.  I just can’t imagine the fear Admiral must have felt.







Dr. Das could only do so much in one treatment – she will be out again next week


Molly Wege, CESMT, treated Admiral today with massage and laser light therapy which he seemed to really enjoy.  Molly will also be back next weekend to give him another treatment.

Feeling better...


Admiral also has some swelling on his nose where the lacerations have turned into open wounds.  He’s been through much.  I just wish we could erase the bad memories of his ordeal.  Yet, despite his condition and what humans did to him, Admiral’s overall demeanor is bright and positive and he seems to be more comfortable with the passing of each day.  He has a great appetite and is drinking fine.  He is a large boy – 16.2 hands high and his weight taped in at just under 950 pounds.  He will be getting his teeth done tomorrow and once he is a bit stronger he will get a much needed hoofacure.  If necessary, when Admiral is physically able to do so, he will be transported to the hospital for additional x-rays.




Admiralty and Itsuko are our Bucket Funders for this month!  Don’t forget to click here to help!

This is Itsuko... ciick here to help!





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  1. Anne

    happy to see some horses getting serious TLC.
    In Admiral’s case, at least he doesn’t seem starved like poor Itsuko…disgraceful. Owner of Admiral is obviously completely ignorant as to how to load a horse…seen it so many times…even with show horses. But, he will heal. Hope she makes it ok.
    I am going to try and do a pastel of Admiral’s head shot, as he is so handsome.
    You are working too hard, been there, done that, but your blog is really enjoyable
    and interesting to read every morning. Thank you.

  2. peg

    Ok ~ Stop with the energy drinks and eat a real meal. Drink water and take a nap. You are of no use to anyone if you hafta be carried off on a stretcher.
    I wish Admiral and Itsuko all the best-they have fallen at last into the right hands.

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