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Last week, I wrote about Omega Alpha and how they were happy to offer a contest for horses who could benefit from either Anti-Flam, Respi-Free or Sinew-X.  All that H&M readers had to do was submit their horses’ stories and there would be a winner!  (Story linked here.)

Well, today the contest just got BIGGER!


The epic Omega Alpha ‘givefest’ is underway and YOU have great odds to win!!

(No tricks, No kickbacks to me, No email blasts from people you don’t know, No gimmicks or unsavory aspects to this giveaway.  I promise.  It’s all good!)

Omega Alpha was so happy with this idea of knowing the stories of the horses they would help, they’ve opened it up and are allowing 10 winners in each category AND they are adding a new product category:  “Witchy Mares”!

SO ENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!  YOU have a great chance at winning!

All you have to do is tell me why your horse needs Anti-Flam, Sinew-X, Respi-Free or Pre-Mare and the top 10 needy horses in each category will get a special delivery!

–10 Winners of  a liter of Anti-Flam!

–10 Winners of a liter of Sinew-X!

–10 Winners of a liter of Respi-Free!

–10 Winners of a liter of PreMare!


My main excitement is that they WORK and they are natural.

ANTI-FLAM:  I think this is the best stuff since sliced bread.  It is all natural, won’t cause ulcers and I use it instead of long term BUTE.  It is incredible!  Here is my initial report on it, however, I’ve used it on almost all of my horses for one inflammation thing or another.

SINEW-X:  This stuff makes my 22 year-old arthritic ex-show mare kick up her heels!  Here is my initial story and I’ve been using it with her ever since.  My old girl has gotten her confidence back now that she can move more freely!

RESPI-FREE:  Another fabulous product that I’ve used on my highly ‘pollen season’ allergic pony.  I’VE ALSO USED IT ON MYSELF when I had pneumonia and it helped me tremendously!!    Here is my initial report on my pony and his breathing issues.

PREMARE:  I haven’t used this product… but if you have a witchy mare, I bet you’ve tried a witchymare product.  And, I would bet, just from all of my other successes with this company, that this witchy mare compound will work twice as well as any other…  (I’m dying to know if this works so please let me know if you win!!)



RULES – they’re easy

My only rule is that I’d love to see follow up stories/photos after you’ve used the product.  I love success stories and I’d be really excited to follow these cases and print them – and if you use the products as directed and they don’t work, I’d like to hear that, too.  Also, Omega Alpha would like to post your stories on their FB pages.  That’s it!

So please, ENTER! Just tell me your horse’s story….

–“Comment” on this blog

–Or email me:  horseandman@gmail.com

Contest has been extended until end of day June 19th, 2012.

A PARAGRAPH FROM THE PEOPLE AT OMEGA ALPHA explaining why their herbs are stronger…

Hi Dawn, thanks so much for posting the contest!
The process we do to concentrate the liquids is like “steeping” and we use whole herbs so we can measure the actives by each growing season. We also use many different herbs that do the same function so that if a pathway in the body is blocked or unresponsive to a particular herb then there are always 4-15  other herbs depending on each formula to utilize other pathways and get a positive response to help the condition. This is also important for safety, as the body can sometimes be overwhelmed by a single herb if there is an allergic response. This is why we use compilations of herbs that work synergistically rather than single herbs like “Milk Thistle” only as an example.

The other reason liquids are better is because they are already broken down to release the active compounds of the herbs so the body can simply absorb the actives where as powders the body has to take the time to digest out the active from the powder by the intestinal tract and this take time as well as energy before the body can absorb the active and make use of it. This process will take much longer to see the desired effect. With our formulas that digesting process is eliminated the body can absorb our liquids in a very easy manner.

The best way to illustrate this is if you want your morning hit of caffeine (via a coffee for example) if you were to take that teaspoon of coffee grounds and “eat the grounds of the coffee” your body would first have to go through the digestive process of preparing the grounds for uptake in the intestinal tract. This would take a bit of time and you would likely get a fraction of the caffeine that you would otherwise get by brewing that same teaspoon of grounds as we normally do to get our morning caffeine hit. The brewed liquid is already broken down for straight absorption through the mouth lining and the intestinal  delivery, no solids are being digested, just simple easy absorption. So this is an odd analogy but it really exemplifies the difference between powdered herbal products and our unique and simplified delivery system of our liquid formulations.

Since you have been so kind to offer this contest to your readers please extend it to 10 winners per category and if you also want to add in a category for “Witchy Mares” we will offer 10 liters of PreMare as well.
If the winners will also post their stories to our Omega Alpha-Equine Facebook page would be terrific!

You can also offer participation to our educational conference calls to  your readers, it is a free service we offer through our educator Joanne Carr. If your readers want to partake all they need to do is call or email our office via our website www.OmegaAlpha.ca and say they want to be registered for the educational calls and webinars. Then email notices of the topics, dates and times notifications will be sent to their inbox.


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Nancy V.

    I have a 25 year old appaloosa that I am hoping Anti-Flam could help. He tore his deep digital flexor tendon 2 years ago and when it healed, it pulled the coffin bone down causing him pain while bearing weight on that hoof. He walks with a decided limp now and is un-rideable. I have retired him, but would love to make his retirement more comfortable. He is my first horse and always took care of me and I’d like return the favor. Please consider Tag Me as a candidate for Anti-Flam.

  2. Megan

    Hi Dawn,
    A friend of mine sent me a link to this website and Iam very interested in the Antiflam product for my 45ish year old Arab gelding. I have had Ghost for 15 years and within the past 5-6 years, he has developed arthritis in his back hind legs. However, with the pain and thanks to good liniments and support boots, he is still able to go on our weekly trail rides and will even give me an occasional canter and good old buck (he is very opinionated and every once in awhile likes to make sure Im paying attention). With this said, he still sometimes will come back from the short trail rides in pain from those hind legs and occasionally has difficulty getting up if he decides to sunbathe out in the field. Every so often,I get nervous that he wont be able to get back up and that will be the end for my beloved horse. He also receives Bute but being as opinionated as he is, he wont take it that often anymore. So Im very interested in the antiflam product as an alternative to Bute. Ive read wonderful reviews about this product.

  3. sue tyrkus

    I am very impressed with both the Alpha Omega products, and their customer service. I have used the Biotic 8 and Liver Flush, and had tremendous support from their reps.
    I was given an off-track Thoroughbred, who is currently 14 years old. His owner/breeder had lung cancer, and could no longer look after him. This gentleman wanted no money for this horse, only to know that he would go to a loving forever home. He had a partially bowed tendon, and even though the trainer wanted to run him, the owner said “no way”, loaded him up, and drove him home.
    In the last year and a half, this wonderful, gentle giant, “Danny” is his name, had lymphangitis in his front leg/chest wall, and then had a bad bowel compaction from all the antibiotics for the lymphangitis. He colicked on Christmas day (ho ho ho!), and we almost lost him. We FINALLY have managed, a year and a bit later, to get some weight back on him, but his old bowed tendon injury has flared up. We’ve had him on Bio-Iso-G twice, but had only limited luck. I have a call into my vet (who adores this horse and has looked after him since he was born), right now, to see whether we should have him injected with Hyluronic Acid as a last resort, so we can at least ride him again and get some muscle back on him. Danny is my husband’s horse, and right now we are reluctant to ride him as he limps even at a walk. I am JUST finally recovered from my 7th major knee surgery (bone grafting from my hip), and able to ride again, but can’t go out for a trail ride now! I’ve listened to you rave about the Sinew X and Anti Flam, and would LOVE to win some. We are so strapped from vet bills, and my own surgeries, that there’s just plain not much money left.
    I have learned SO much from your blog, Dawn, and have passed Horse and Man on to all my horsey friends. Keep up the good work.

  4. LVS

    I have a 25ish year old quarter horse that was confirmed to have cushings last year. He is an awesome ride and my daughter’s old 4-H horse so he will have a forever home here. He currently gets 1 mg of perfolide every day, which he HATES. He is the alpha in my small herd of 6 various type horses but is showing more signs of cushings. He no longer wants to be turned out to the pasture. The others wait for him to go out for a while, then decide the will go without him, and eventually he takes his time and walks out. He is starting to limp occasionally. He is just not his old self. I did some searching and I’m just not sure what to try next so I’d love to be able to get some anti-flam or sinew – x to try. Thanks so much to Omega Alpha for this great opportunity for some lucky winners.

  5. Mikey

    I would love to give that PreMare to a couple mares I know. I used to work as a farrier, and these two are the most sensitive mares I’ve ever met. Very witchy! One you can’t touch from the shoulder back without squealing and kicking out, which makes it oh so much fun to try and put shoes on the hind end (but it does get done). The other mare is just very mare-ish is all I can say. Both have tried all the tricks, implants and everything. Not much makes a difference. Would love to win the PreMare and let the owners give it a go.

  6. jackie carroll

    I have a horse that has to deal with arthritis from having foundered, so hips and knees sometimes gets the best of him. He cannot take bute, neither would I let him after it gave him an ulcer and made him very sick. Looking for something to give him relief without medicating him
    I know I couldn’t win in 2 catergories but have a mini Shetland pony that has recurran obstructive airway disease and at times has trouble breathing due to the humidity and dust- he is very close to the ground. Am looking for something to help him that won’t make him sleepy.
    Thank you

  7. Anita

    My 21 year old Prince has a bit of a problem with his front legs that I think the Anti-flam would help with, so I would like to enter the contest for some to try.

  8. Ruth Wittmann

    I am actually going to write two stories in one post.

    I have a warmblood mare Velvet, she is a rescue horse from Beauty’s Haven. She has arthritis in her knee from an injury as a foal. She is 9 years old and she is my baby!!!! She gets around most of the time just fine, but when it flares up she has a very had time for a while. Velvet cannot be ridden because of her knee, but she really wants a job so we are thinking of training her to drive. I would hope something like this could really help her arthritis from flaring up. Her knee is almost twice the size it shoudl be and she stands with her foot out to the side.

    I have a 9 year old Percheron mare, also a rescue from Beauty’s Haven. Anastasia was a PMU mare and she has a lot of issues. She is in heat it seems like all of the time since the arrival of our gelding. Mare Magic has helped to calm her. I would love to try the PREMARE on Annie, she has many trust issues and is afraid of all loud noises. When I put her on the Mare Magic I noticed a huge difference in her. I would love to see what PREMARE does for her. We had Annie in training to ride, but she is so spooked by everything that it is just not safe at this time. If I can get her a little calmer I think it would make a big difference in her training. Anastasia is a beautiful horse with a huge heart and she wants to do for you, but her fears always overtake her.

    Thank you and thank you Omega Alpha for giving us the opportunity to win this product.

  9. Jody Brittain

    Hi Dawn: The only product I would/could try would be the anit flam. I do not have an older nor a witchy mare, yet! LOL I was thinking the other day that I should order some anitflam just to have it on hand, since I do have two donkeys and although they do not need it right now, it would just be nice to have it on hand, just in case. Seeing the neighbors horse begin to founder, was scary. All they did was pen her up and give her hay and water. No other treatment for her, (Because that is the way they are), and she did seem to come out of it, for how long, I do not know, because they have moved her to another location. Thank you for having the contest.

  10. Angie parkhillralls

    My stallion has a bone chip in his knee the vet has him on bute long term He is a fabulous horse you can work cows, rope, pleasure ride, let kids ride, parades, rodeos with no problems until the last few years and my best buddy stand in a lot i can see the hurt on his face from his knee but also from the pain of being in that lot. He is the best horse i have ever owned and i am not just talking about his pedigree but he is my best friend. Peanut is his nickname. I miss him very much the rush of wind as we gallop down to the lake, the smile on his face. I just want my buddy back.

    Thank you

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