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  1. Shirlee Coy

    Thanks to the articles I’ve read in this article about snakes, I now know what to expect and what to do if another of my horses ever gets bitten.

  2. Shirlee Coy

    When I first moved my horses to Meeker, Co. my minature horse, RoyalT, a 3year old mare was bitten in the nose by a rattler. I didn’t find her till she came in from my 120 acres in the morning, with her nose all swollen up. Not having ever had any contact with a rattlesnake, I was very alarmed, and called a vet. in Craig , Co. since our vet here is usually gone out to service cattle, I rushed her to Craig, and to a vet there, who administred antibiotics and bantamine. I didn’t know about putting tubes in her nose, but she actually didn’t need them, possibly because she was calm and I tried to stay that way, and she had evidently moved slowly in from the back pasture to the barn, and the house, where i found her by the garage, like she was coming to me for help. The trailer ride to Craig takes about 45 min. She did fine and I believe it was mostly because we did stay calm, well at least on the ‘outside’, crazy on the inside. She came out of it just fine, with little to no problems. No trouble since. But I’m sure leary of snakes now. I would like to obtain some bull snakes to ‘plant’ around the pasture as I’ve heard they kill rattlers. Shirlee Coy

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