WHAT DO YOU DO ON A ROADTRIP? I catch up on my Horse Magazines…and found the OUTLAW TRAIL RIDE!

Today we spent 12 hours in our car, driving up to Oregon to see Hubby’s family.

Crammed around my legs in the footwell was my computer bag stuffed with magazines and my purse – stuffed with all the little things one grabs on the way out the door at too early in the morning.

I figured I could read up on horsey stuff and write about interesting topics as Hubby drove.

Instead, I slept for about 5 hours.  Nice!

When I woke, we were going over the snowy passes (Yikes!) and my mind was filled with all the ways we could slide off the mountain and spend Christmas stuck in a snowbank… so I didn’t do much reading.

Once we were down the other side and safely into Oregon, it was dark…  however, I did manage to read one of my magazines.

I’ll share with you one of the many items that  I found compelling…


I was so surprised and pleased to read pages and pages dedicated to all the equine travel vacations available!  (If I had actually read the front cover, I might not have been as surprised since upon further inspection, it was labeled, “SPECIAL HORSE TRAVEL ISSUE!”.)

Anyway, there were so many beautiful articles and photos about tempting vacations, charts, hints and ads (they even had a list of 128 Trail Riding Adventures!), I found myself daydreaming of how Rojo and I could hang out together in all parts of the US.

How fun would that be?

One trip that particularly caught my eye was a tiny little ad that said “OUTLAW TRAIL RIDE August 4-10,2013”.


Outlaw Trail Ride?

OMG, how fuunnn!

What is it??

The tiny little box said:

“Ride the trails Butch, Sundance and the gang rode.  100 miles in 6 days… We’ll be making HOSTIRY, and you won’t want to miss it.  Only 25 riders accepted.  Sign up today!  www.rideoutlawtrail.com  307-332-7928.

OMG!  I had to check this out!

Click to go to the website

Click to go to the website



Stepping back for a moment, I must tell you that for me, the most fun I have ever had on a horse was when I went to the Varian Ranch and had an Equine Trail Riding vacation (go, if you can).

I loooooved it!

Fabulous food, wine and stories.  The scenery was wonderful on their huge private ranch, we rode really hard and we got to know each other really well.

Loved it.

So, I’m always looking to go on another trail riding adventure…




The Route!

The Route!


I put in the URL and perused the site for The Outlaw Trail Ride.

Oooh… If I hasn’t spent so much time working this year and if I had Rojo or Finn in excellent shape, I would do this in a heartbeat!

Sigh.  I had already counted myself out.

But then I found a workaround, sort-of.

On one of the pages, they offer HORSE RENTAL.

Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 10.44.24 PM

About the ride…


Clearly, if I rented a horse, that horse would be in shape and familiar with these trails.  Maybe like a babysitter for me…

And then I started to think rationally.

Me to self:  “You haven’t ridden hard all year.  There is no way you could keep up with people who ride hard all the time.  And, they only take 25 people so you’d be the slowest one there and you’d be a drag on everyone.  By the end of the trip, everyone would be saying how much fun it was except for that bloglady.  Too bad we had to leave her in Wyoming.  I hope she’s OK…”

Or something like that.

But, I emailed the company for more information anyway.  I figured, after looking at the photos on the site, that I looked a lot like most of the women who rode it previously…

What the heck, couldn’t hurt to find out more, eh?

Anyone else want to do this?




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Xmas certs still available!  Click here!

Xmas certs still available! Click here!









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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Carol

    If you’ll send me your email, I’d love to tell you all about our Outlaw Trail Ride. Please don’t count yourself or your horses out. If you are used to riding long days, then you are a rider we want with us. No big cliffs, or small ones – some hills, lots of nice sloping ground covering those miles the outlaws would cover. You bring your own camping equipment and we haul it around for you. We talk history, we have entertainment, we have delicious catered meals, and we talk some smack around the campfire at night – telling BIG stories. But always in good fun with lots of laughter! questions? Don’t hesitate to call us!
    Thanks for including us in your blog.

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