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On March 3rd of this year (linked here), I told you that I was going to try several supplements from Omega Alpha on a few of my horses who need different supplements for different conditions.

One of those horses was my Mustang mare, Remi.

Remi has always been on the thin side even though she has been wormed properly and is fed more than any other horse here.  She also chews the fences.

Bloodwork showed that she’s healthy.  However, I knew something had to be up.  (I had tried ulcer medicines but they didn’t seem to do anything for her.)

I figured she had an issue with stomach discomfort or perhaps a vitamin deficiency.  I thought that maybe a ProBiotic would help her regulate her gut and hopefully make her feel better…

But, I had no idea that it would change her life!

OMEGA ALPHA BIOTIC 8 (no affiliation)

I was reading through the Omega Alpha brochure and decided to try Biotic 8 with Remi because it said it would help promote good gut bacteria and soothe the gut, it was a source of minerals, B vitamins, digestive enzymes and a bunch of other things…  Sounded good.

I had always thought that she was the kind of horse who ran at a higher metabolism and just needed more food.  But perhaps she wasn’t getting the nutrients out of her food.   Maybe she wasn’t digesting very well and that is why she needed so much food to stay as skinny as she was.

So, on March 3rd, I started her on Biotic 8.   Two scoops a day on her pellets.

I did that for a month.

This is Remi before... She looks healthy but had difficulty keeping weight.


About 10 days ago, I decided to let Remi out to graze on the green grass.  Letting her graze on the grass is not unusual.  But, what happened that day – was.

Her eyes were very bright.  She walked with a swing in her step.  She was curious and investigative… Remi was happy!

I guess I never realized how unhappy she was… she has been the same way since I rescued her 2 years ago.  My reasoning for her grumpy nature was that she had had a rough life and was a bit skeptical of the whole human/equine thing.  I think I mistook her feeling crappy with her being shy and wary.

Anyway, I could not believe the horse grazing happily in front of me!  Where was Remi and who was this mare?!

And, to top it off, after about an hour of grazing, she followed me around.  She actually was interested in what I was doing and in ME.  I almost fell over.  The big girl bumped me on the shoulder, looked right into my eyes and stood there, looking at me happily.  I almost cried.

After 5 weeks on Biotic 8, she's filled out! Amazing!


Something told me to check a photo of Remi before I started this trial.  (I hadn’t been wise enough to think to do this beforehand because it never occurred to me that she would change externally – duh.)

I pulled up a photo of Remi from a few months ago.  Granted, presently, Remi has remnants of her winter coat.  But, the amount she has filled out was impressive!

OMG.  I sat back in my chair and thought, “OF COURSE…!”   I’m no vet but I figured that her gut wasn’t balanced which made her feel sluggish and maybe irritable.  She wasn’t digesting properly so she had to eat more to feel full.  Because she wasn’t digesting properly, she wasn’t gaining weight.    And, the not digesting properly would lead to a vitamin deficiency which is probably why she was chewing the fence.  (I’m waiting to see if I notice any new chew marks on the fence – the jury is still out on that part.)


Amazing how you don’t notice someone gaining weight because you see them every day.  But, when you look at a photo, you see it loud and clear!  Now I am amazed.  I keep looking at the shine in her coat and the dappling.  She’s filling out rapidly so I have cut back on her hay.  I’m saving 2 flakes a day now!  Nice!

Actually, when I look at the below photo, I might actually have to put her on a diet!  Imagine that?!

I feel like I just bought a car that gets better gas mileage.

Gawd! I may have to put her on a diet!!

IF YOU WANT SOME, BIG D HAS IT (no affiliation)

So, if you’d like to get some, Big D has it.  Here is the link.

I am going to put all of my horses on it throughout this year.  I have a bit left in this bottle so I’m going to give it to my ponies.


Click here to order from Big D (no affiliation)



Some of you may remember that I wanted to get the human version of Omega Alpha ‘Sinew-X’ for myself because Tess was feeling so good after taking the horse version (read here)…. Well, I bought some and I’ve been taking it every morning in my coffee.  It has a sweet, nutty taste.  Anyway, I feel much better, I swear!  My joints are much less creaky and ouchy.  Truly, for me, I’m loving it!  (This is for your joints – not to gain weight or absorb nutrients better.)

It is called Glucosa Joint.  You can get it here.


The Human form of Sinew-X which is really helping Me!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. RiderWriter

    So glad Remi is feeling better! Do you ride her at all? If not, maybe she’ll be more cooperative now. :-)

    I imagine that Omega Alpha has a human joint tablet in addition to the liquid, which I might order for my husband and son (son has injured knee – tendinitis – so figure it couldn’t hurt). They would not want to take a liquid. Do you think a tablet would work as well?

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