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You know how you go to any horsey event and they always have equine trailer distributors  somewhere on the premises?

Well, the same thing happened at the Western States Wild Horse and Burro adoption that happened last weekend in Reno.

Generally, I don’t walk through any of the new trailers because I become infested with trailer envy.  But I had Hubby with me and he loves to browse any kind of machinery, so we took a look.

The only dealer there was Featherlite and they had only three trailers.  A bumper-pull ‘trailer combo’ (I had never heard that term), a living quarters 3-horse and a flatbed hauler.

I wanted parts of them all!

NEW STUFF! – Trailer Combo NO Walk-Through Gate

As I was ooohhhing and ahhhhing over the new trailers, I noticed an option that I thought was very inventive.   Actually, not that inventive.  It is kindof a brow smacker.

The idea is the “Trailer Combo”.  Oy.  Such a simple concept and so workable.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve said to myself, “I shoudda gotten a stock trailer.”

It isn’t like I would use it all the time, but when you need a stock trailer, you need a stock trailer.  And usually if you need a stock trailer  it is because you’ve got a stud or a mare/foal pair, or are transporting young ones.

OK, well the COMBO gives you the option of using a NO WALK-THROUGH GATE.


So, you can separate the front of the trailer from the back.  In this way, you could trailer a stud with others, or a mares with foals or groups of different types/ages safely.  The gate folds against the wall if you don’t need it.   If the gate is stored,  you can either use dividers or just tie your horse like a regular stock trailer.

For me, I would use it to let my horses lie down during long trips.  I’d use it to help transport rescued horses…  I just like the option.

The  only issue I had with the NO WALK-THROUGH GATE was that I had a hard time latching and unlatching it.   The salesman basically told me I was a weenie (not really) but he was able to work it easily.  He told me that if they made it too easy, then the horse could open it.  Hmmm.  That made me feel like a noodle armed woomin…

No Walk Through Gate (they need mats on the floor of this one...)


OK, I had never seen this.  It is a full door for when you need it, and a half door for when you need a half door.

I didn’t play with it but the doors looked very convenient!

Full door or sliding half door. Cool!


This is just wonderful!  I cannot tell you how many close calls and injured shoulders/hips I’ve had on myself or my horses – when we were all learning about my trailer.   I have a center post.  Ugh.

I cannot tell you how often I’ve grumbled about that  stoopid center post.  Oh sure, it’s structural and it can be removed when necessary. but couldn’t they figure this out to be permanent?

They did!

I know nothing about Cimarron Horse Trailers but I like that they have designed a trailer without that inconvenient post!

This one is under construction, but you can see that it has no center divider post. Yay!



I’m not sure I even need this… but now that you mention it, I would probably sweep more if I had this!  I’d love to put my muck rake in there, too.  I’d stick anything untoward and dirty in there (that would fit).  For sure I’d keep my garbage in there and hay strings.  I think this is a great idea if for nothing else but my rakes and brooms!  (Maybe I’d hang my hose and extension cords, too.)

This is the broom closet. I'd put my manure fork in there for sure!



I’m not sure I need this as my horses will drink fine out of a bucket.  But, I know that there are lots of horses who just like what they are used to.

So, for those particular horses, you can now mount a little nose push waterer (like they have in their stall) on the outside of your trailer.  See… the horse in the photo looks really happy.

However, I wasn’t so happy when I looked at the installation process.  I’m sure you could get someone to do it for you – but that person wouldn’t be me.

Basically, you have a water tank inside and a series of tubing and valves to get the water outside into the dish.

I also wonder if it folds up when you aren’t using it.  I could just see me clipping some bicyclist or take out a “Yield” sign…

Horse drinking fountain.



This idea of cushioning the gooseneck with rubber balls (coupler) makes me wonder if I could do the same thing with tennis balls…

Prolly not… but I like the concept!

Does anyone have one of these?  Does it work?  They are around $500.  And, if they do work, that is a cheap way to give your horse a better ride!

If this works, it would be an awesome way to cushion your horse's ride!

This is how the cushion is used...



This never occurred to me because I have a long bed truck.

But, if you have a short bed truck I guess there are issues with a gooseneck and the turning radius.

Well… Voila!  Now a solution.  (Has this been around for a while and I’m just late to the party?)

Anyway, here is a way to extend your cab by way of an extender to your gooseneck hitch.

Gooseneck hitch extender for your short bed truck



I think this is cool.  As long as it doesn’t get stuck or get all dirty and greasy so it doesn’t work properly… dunno.

I like it!

This is a pop-up hitch.



I have an older variation of this.

The older part is that I have to get into the bed of my truck to physically pick up the ball and flip it around myself (after I’ve gotten myself all dirty by fishing around above my tires and into the wheel well to locate the latch that undoes the ball…).

This little movie makes the application appear painless – and not dirty-making.

I like it!

The flip-over hitch. I have this one, kinda. Very convenient.



This is such a simple idea, I do not understand why I didn’t know about it before.

I’m sure some gal had the idea and pulled out her SINGER one day…. started selling them at Barrel Races and pretty soon, a BUTT BAR MILLIONAIRE is born!

I’ll have to get one since I still have the Ho-Hum black kind…

Butt Bar Covers! They look like folded beach umbrellas! How festive!


Thanks for letting me travel you through my Google Searches of today!

It was FUN!


I HATE to see tail wads.  You know… the horses are wormed, they don’t have any gak in their udders or sheaths, but they are rubbing the crap out of their tail nobs because they are hot and it feels good.  Pffaff.  It looks so nasty and they can wreck their tails in an hour, I swear!

So, today, I broke down and in the 100 degree heat, and rubbed in Equi-Spa’s  NOT SO SWEET ITCHon all of my horses’ tail wads.

This is another great product! Stops that Itch!

The Not So Sweet Itch stops it and I love the fragrance.  They seem to like the feel of it.  I think it feels cool to their skin.

Also, make sure your mare/gelding doesn’t need her/his udder or sheath to be cleaned.  I find that this time of year, mares have gunk all up in their udders so they rub the itch.  Same with geldings.

Not to be blabbing about Equi-Spa (I don’t get kickbacks or anything…) but they also have a Sheath and Udder Cleaner that works great!  It is more kind than dishwashing liquid, it breaks up the goo and beads plus it is fragrant and keeps the bugs away.

So, go to the website and order yourself some of whatever you need.  Here are the links:  Equi-Spa website, Not So Sweet Itch, Sheath and Udder Cleaner.

This is BG's nasty tail mess... Her udder is clean. She doesn't need worming. This is just hot, nasty fly weather...

I applied the NO ITCH and her tail will be good as gold soon.


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