I LOVE A DEAL on stocking stuffers and I HAVE A COUPON for a free pair of stockings!! Soxtrot.com (No affiliation but I wish!)

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While I was recovering, I was contacted by Soxtrot.com.  They asked if they could send to me some equestrian socks.  I said that I was a tough customer, but they were welcomed to send a pair.  I said I would only review them if they rocked.  (They rock!)

Click to go to website.


Well… To be honest, I’ve tried several ‘equestrian socks’, only to be very disappointed.  They either fell down or were too tight, or fell apart in the wash… So I told Soxtrot that I was a tough customer.  But, they were welcomed to send a pair.

They sent 3.  One anklet and 2 knee highs.

So, I went to the website to see the price.  Hmmmm.  ONLY $9.99 for the kneehighs.  Suspicious.  The anklets were $8.99.

I was guardedly excited about the price… but decided to open a pair and wear them around the house.

Wow!  They were light, stayed where I put them… so then I decided to wash them – waiting for them to fall apart.

They didn’t!  Held up in the wash.  THESE ARE A GOOD DEAL!  And, they have so many really cute styles!  And, they came with a promotion code for EVERYONE – ALL OF YOU!  Soxtrot.com will send you a FREE PAIR of solid socks if you spend $10!  Talk about stocking stuffers!!

What a GREAT IDEA for holiday gifts or stocking stuffers!!

These came to me… I was guarded because good socks are hard to find… BUT I LOVED THEM. They were light, they stayed where I put them without being too tight, and they held up in the wash! And only $9.99!

They have a Cyber Week 20% off promo going now, I noticed. But we were guaranteed this discount. (No affiliation). Anyone who spends $10 gets a free pair of solid colored socks! The code is FREESOLID.


Only $9.99!  Click here to go the website.  I see a Cyber Week 20% on there right now!  And Horse and Man readers get a free pair of solid colored socks with an order of $10 by using the code FREESOLID on checkout!!!

GREAT IDEAS for stocking stuffers!

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