HOW TO HELP the Colorodo Fire horses – and other animals (and desperate owners)!

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Many of you have asked me how you can help the animal victims of the Colorado Fires.

Well, I found this on FB.  I didn’t write it, and I’m not sure who did except for the two names listed on the bottom.  I cannot vouch for the information.  However, it appears to be a firm starting point.

So, here you go and THANK YOU for thinking of the animals in Colorado!


Horses wandering after being released due to the Colorado Fires.

Information & Resources for Pet Owners in CO


As you probably already know, Colorado is on fire. There are 3 Major fires right now. The shelters and rescues are overwhelmed and need money & supplies. This is the information we have compiled so far for all area affected. Please give what you can and if you cannot give then please share, the animals are counting on you:


The High Park Fire in Fort Collins – Most destructive fire in CO history, has burned 257 homes and 87K acres.

Larimer Humane Society

Donate online at
or mail checks to 5137 S. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80525.

Society currently coordinating rescue of all animals in High Park Fire area, providing water to animals that have not been evacuated, reuniting owners and pets and sheltering evacuated animals: 970-226-3647, ext. 7.
Urgent Need: kitty litter


VCA Animal Hospital in both Fort Collins and Loveland are offering free boarding if pets of evacuees need a place for their furry friends to stay. They will also update evacuees’ pets’ vaccinations for free if need be. The Loveland location is open 24 hours a day (970) 278-0668. Call the Fort Collins location to find out their hours at (970) 204-4567
Urgent Need Towels and blankets


The Moore Animal Hospital is also offering free boarding to evacuees.

2550 Stover Street
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 416-9101
Urgent Need: towels and blankets


Wolf, a wolf sanctuary near Fort Collins has had to be evacuated, and they desperately need monetary donations, please donate at:



Flagstaff Fire in Boulder, CO
Just started yesterday, relatively small but could grow.

Humane Society of Bouler Valley



Cash Donations Needed: “Our greatest support needed at the shelter is for cash donations to support our operating expenses while we’re providing free services to our community members affected by this disaster.”
Call them at (303) 442-4030

You may donate online at:
Gift Voucher Game 100K

or send your donation by mail or in person to:
2323 55th Street, Boulder, CO 80301.
Urgent Need: kitty litter, blankets & towels



Humane Society Pikes Peak Region

Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region


Here is their latest status:
“We are so very appreciative of all the donated items we have received for the animals in our care. The outpouring of support from our community is phenomenal. At this time, we do not need any additional items, should our in-kind needs change we will let you know! Our greatest need is monetary donations to support our operations. (719) 473-1741, ext. 8723

Donate online at

Or by mail to:
Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region
610 Abbott Lane, Colorado Springs CO 80905


A Cut Above Pet Grooming 719.630.7387
They need Volunteers, who can stay overnight if need be.
Urgent Need: kennels, smaller litter boxes, blankets, Cat food (dry and wet) , Monetary donations


All Breed Rescue & Training
20 Mountview Lane, Suite B & C, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

They are taking in evacuee animals, anything that doesn’t go in a stall.
Urgent Need: Dog/Cat food, blankets, gas cards or grocery cards


Other facilities that are ready to take in animals include:
These are other facilities ready to take in animals
*Sunrise Kennels 719.661.7036

*Canine Design Salon 719.227.7220
*Cheyenne Mountain Animal Hospital 7193433.3840
*Lucky Dog 719.527.9663
*Bear Creek Vet 719-685-1177
*Dublin Animal Hospital 719-338-8935
*CATS Lucky Dog Boarding 719.527.9663
*Central Bark Dog Daycare 719.592.9300
*Canine Campus 719.448.9600
*A Paw Above Boarding Service 719.386.7291
*Northwest Animal Hospital 719.593.8582
*Camp Bow Wow 719.260.9247
*Sunrise Kennels 719.598.8348
*Aspen Meadows Pet Resort 719.282.6000
*Picasso’s Pet Grooming- Security 719.392.4092
*Rocky Mountain Health Care Services (Can House
*People & Pets) 719.641.2747 & 719.201.0247
*Powers ER Animal 719.473.0482

A huge thank you to Ashley Mills for all her work in helping to compile this list. Please message me if you have additional information to add to this list or you want to update anything we have compiled, thanks! Chris Hoar

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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