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First off, we are making another LG Bridle (from Germany) order this week.  If you’d like to learn more, read testimonials and get in on the order, please click this link.

A few weeks ago I posted some items that I thought might make nice Holiday gift items.  That post is linked here.

That was fun!  So, I decided to keep a file of all the interesting items that came my way and when I got enough of them, I’d post another Holiday Item fluffy page…  And, here goes!…

–First up, books.  I have three books to present today:

1)  THE RESCUE OF BELLE AND SUNDANCE, A Miracle on Mount Renshaw by Birgit Stutz and Lawrence Scanlan

Do you remember this story?  OMG!  Two years ago, this person left his two horses to starve to death (or freeze to death) in Canada.  He was delivering supplies to hikers and left his horses up on the mountain, for some reason.  Anyway…

Belle and Sundance, awaiting rescue, frostbitten, starving and very, very cold.

The good part of the story is that these horses (skinny and dehydrated – Belle’s coat was half missing from the frostbite burns) were discovered by snowmobilers.  The rest is history, so they say…  25 volunteers from a nearby town  bundled up and set out to DIG their way to these horses.  Yup, they dug a horse-sized trench, by hand, to rescue the three year old mare and the 5 year old gelding.  It was phenomenal.

Rescuers digging tirelessly, by hand, to save these horses...

Here is an excerpt from a news story during the rescue:

“Volunteers are transporting blankets and hay in -35 C weather to keep the rail-thin animals warm and fed while others take turns digging a kilometre-long path through six to eight feet of snow to a groomed trail that’s still about 30 kilometres and 45-minutes away via snowmobile to the nearest road.
Progress is slow — a crew of six men digging six hours a day for two days has cleared less than 300 metres — and more volunteers are needed”

Lo and Behold, two years later, a book is out!  Yay!  I don’t want to spoil the story… but it is a happy ending.

Click to order!

This would make a great, happy holiday story of triumph!  Click here to purchase the book!

2)   VIRGINIA GENTLEMAN, A True Story by Mary Mitchell Barnes.

OMGOSH.  I was so moved by this book.  I have to tell you…  OK, I went to a clinic that was held at Mary Barnes’ home (she is the author).  I didn’t know anything about her and the clinic was not about her.  She was just nice enough to lend her ‘kid and woman friendly’ horse facility for the event.

Anyway, during the event, all of us got to know the innkeeper, Mary.  She was very shiny and bright.  Every time I would look over at her, I had to smile — she’s just that kind of a person.  You like her immediately.

Well, after some time, several of us noticed a box of books on the table.  We inquired and Mary told us that she had written a book that she was selling to tack stores and whatnot.  It was said ‘off the cuff’ and the casualness of her remark hid the beauty of this very intelligent and heartfelt book.

I think a number of us liked Mary enough that we wanted to know what she had written.  So, we asked if we could purchase her book.  Sure!  So, I walked away with Mary’s book and I called it my bonus birthday present to myself since I was celebrating my birthday with this clinic.

On the plane ride home, I decided to read Mary’s book.  Why not?  So, I opened to page one — and couldn’t put it down.  I swear to you!  Maybe because it is a story of a woman and her beloved horse, maybe it is because the story is about a girl who lost her way, maybe it is because the story is about an older horse who comes back against all odds, maybe because it is a story of renewal, or maybe just because it is a classic love story.  dunnno…. but I loved it.

Click to order this fabulous true story of an incredible bond...loved it!

And, I think you will, too.  I gave my copy away but you can get yours and gift it to yourself or to any woman or teenager who loves horses.  (I think it is an awesome gift for a teenager because it holds a wisdom and a message…)

I recently contacted Mary and she said that she is still signing her books personally, so if you’d like one, click here.  Or, you can order from Barnes and Noble which is linked here.  I’d be thrilled if you read it and it will make an excellent gift!

3)  SKY’S THE LIMIT: The Art of Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey by Kim Hermanson, PH.D.

OKOK, I know that I love Western and Equine artists.  I do.  Last time, I said I wanted Teresa Elliott’s book (and still do) and this this time I want Nancy’s book.

Click here to order her 'so good you could eat it' book!

I could sit and drool over this during quiet times and feel really rejuvenated.  How could you not?  All the colors are so vivid and happy you could practically eat them!  MMMMMM.

I don’t know exactly what images are in the book, but there are many pages and here is a link to learn about it.

I’ve added some random Nancy pieces here…

You can order the book with this link.  I’m jealous!

4)  –Next up, a stocking stuffer!  Well, actually, a stocking for your horse…  Winnnie’s Cookies!

Do you know of Winnie’s cookies?  Well, I guess I’m the last one to know of her all organic, great for your horse, homemade cookies!  I feel like I’ve been under a rock for a couple of years or something… How did I not know of these?  If you go to her testimonial page, there is a plethora of famous horse people who swear by her cookies…

You see, I received a mailer that included a flyer about Winnie’s Cookies.  So, being me, I called about them.  The woman on the other end was delightful, a good sign…  And, the more I found out about the cookies, the more I liked the idea.

Here is the link.

If you give your horse treats and want to give him/her a healthy choice, get your lucky equine a stocking!  Yup, you can order a Holiday Stocking to hang on your mantle for your sweet horse!  Click here to read about the special cookie stockings!

Click here to order Holiday stockings filled with organic horse cookies!

Also, if you like cookies, they have a very reasonable CLUB where you can sign up and they will send you cookies regularly.  Nice.

5)  –Hey, I heard about a 40% off deal at Pegasus Paper!!  If you order click here, there is a banner that says:

Use Code R40 at Checkout and receive 40% off your merchandise order.

Wahoo!!!   I love deals!

I know that these products are very, very nice.  I have some sets and the quality is superb.  Really.  I was so used to Costco wrapping paper that I forgot how it is supposed to be… and this paper is wonderful.  The wrapping is gorgeous and very elegant.  Here are some examples:

Click for the 40% off deal!

Click for the 40% off deal!

Click for the 40% off deal!

Click for the 40% off deal!

6)  GABE THE WONDER HORSE now has Products!!   (Here is a link to the original post with his story.)

What can I tell you about Gabe… Well, to shorten his very long story, Gabe was dumped in the Washington rural mountains.  Bad people do this because it is known that these abandoned horses will be shot and used as lion feed.

Gabe, an older gentleman, was left wandering around in the snow, still alive, skinny and a bit downtrodden…  What did he do to deserve this fate?

Now, there is no explaining what happened next.  Somehow, Gabe decided he was going to live in the front yard of two people (Jacquie and Dan) who knew NOTHING about horses and certainly didn’t want one.  (Famous last words…)  They shooed him away and did not understand why this big old horse would not leave.  He was back in their yard every morning.

Gabe, waiting at Jacquie's window. He didn't even know her...

Marilyn, a kindly neighbor, who is also a farrier, came to assist.  Marilyn couldn’t shoo Gabe either.  So, as some fairytales go, they lived happily ever after…

I watched this story unfold via an equine thread.  It was so heart warming and fascinating that I had to write about it.  People from all over were trying to read Gabe’s lip tattoo, others were donating feed and materials to build a shed, some offered winter coats, halters, buckets — you name it…!

Gabe with his new friend, Jackie, in his donated blanket and halter.

And, after a few weeks, Gabe had worked his way into the hearts of his new family.  Both of whom are retired so Gabe became their project.  Their grandchildren love him and Gabe eats up the attention.

Gabe and the grandkids... What a good boy!

It is estimated that Gabe is around 30.  He looks incredible.  Really.  He has a horsey condo which he shares with Topper, a dazzling pony who was donated as a companion.  Those two looove each other and keep everyone smiling.

Marilyn, the farrier, has created several fund raising Christmas items featuring Gabe and Topper.  They are inexpensive and go to a great cause… If you are familiar with this story, you’ll probably want an item to have around to remind you of all the Good Will that went into saving this handsome and regal gentleman horse.

Here are photos of several of the items.  If you’d like to order any, please contact Marilyn directly at:

Here are some photos of Gabe, the Wonder Horse items (plus Topper!).  I think she can order just about anything.  Remember, the profits go to Gabe and Topper’s food fund.  A sweet cause for these two who were not turned away:

Gabe and Topper cards, 10 for $10! Such a deal!

More card designs, 10 for $10!

Gabe and Topper 2011 calendar with 12 different photos! $20



Notepad $10

Again, contact Marilyn directly if you’d like to order any of these items (


They have a great Deal of the Day, every day! Could help this season…

The last thing I want to do is get anyone hooked on a website that sells stuff.  But, since it is the Holiday season and people will need great deals on gifts, I wanted you to know about Woot!.  The website is set up to have a deal of the day.  Yesterday’s for example, was a really cute digital camera for $64.

Anyway, you might check it out and see if there are any killer deals that help you pay for your horses!  ;)

THANK YOU for playing Santa with me today!  Great fun!  And, don’t forget about the Mustangs.  If you’d like to donate to the cause, please click on the Bucket Fund for November and add an acres or two!!

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The November Bucket Fund will benefit The Wild Horses and Burros, via DreamCatcher Sanctuary.  We are helping them acquire an additional 20,000 acres to release more captured Mustangs/Burros back into the wild.  To learn all about the Bucket Fund and to donate to this incredible opportunity for our Mustangs,  please click on the photo (photo credit, Trish Lowe)

Help the Mustangs one acre at a time!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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