Have you tried ON THE GROUND HOOF TRIMMERS? It is a trimming tool used for horses who cannot pick up their feet…

A while back, I wrote about one of Mama Tess’ trims and I mentioned how MT was tired after trimming the fronts and that she didn’t want to raise her back feet (and put pressure on the fronts) to have them trimmed.

Well…  one of you astute readers suggested that I purchase an ‘on the ground’ trimmer tool.


The reader said that I could purchase them through Jeffers.

I looked on the site and it sounded like an interesting concept… but there were not many reviews.


After calling a few farriers and The Founder Warrior, no body had heard of these.

Hmmmm, again.

So, I decided to purchase a set.  If they work at all, it will help MT, so that was worth the purchase to me.

detailScreen Shot 2015-05-04 at 12.29.36 PM

HEAVY AND CUMBERSOME… BUT THEY WORK if you have strong arms

If you do purchase these trimmers, know that there will be a surcharge for the weight of the shipment.

And this knowledge should have been a clue to me…

These suckers are H-E-A-V-Y.  I was barely able to lift them, let alone open them.  I swear to horsegods, I could not budge them.   Even after WD-40, I still could manipulate them.

So, I called the local farrier who is helping me with Tess.  He came by and picked them up so he could practice before her trim next week.

The local farrier is big and strong.   He has horses and cows who can pose as guinea pigs.  So far, the tool is easy to use on cows… but he hasn’t tried a horse yet.

If any of you have used these, PLEASE let me know any tips or tricks you may have learned!!  Thank you!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 12.30.09 PM

LAST DAY to help the Blind filly!  She for sure will have the surgery on one eye!  Hopefully, everyone will help her raise enough to have both done!  We are close!  Click here to donate!

You can see the clouds in her eye.  Both are like this - from her dam's illness right before she foaled.  The filly's sight can be restored through surgery if it is done immediately.

You can see the clouds in her eye. Both are like this – from her dam’s illness right before she foaled. The filly’s sight can be restored through surgery if it is done immediately.  CLICK IMAGE to read her story or donate!!

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