Great ways to ID your horse and his tack! (Your Dog, too!) I.C.E. products! (no affiliation)

Living in fire country, I have often written about ways to ID your horse in moments – so that in an Emergency, you are ready!

I wanted to refresh you all about these products because they’ve added Emergency ICE ID tags  for DOGS as well as personalized lead ropes (you can pick your own length, snap and end piece!), halters and saddle covers.

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EMERGENCY ID OPTIONS for Equines! (Mane Stay, Ultra Lite, Halter ID tags..)

What I love about the ICE website is that they include tons of great tips to prepare for emergencies.  Clearly, they’ve been there and done that around this – and have listened to their customer stories and suggestions!

MANE STAY:  I love the Mane Stay.  Easy. Fast.   I have these.

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I have these.


ULTRA LITE:  I see that they have an ULTRA LITE now.  I have not tried it, but I can see how some people would like it because the Ultra Lite takes even less time due to the carabiner.

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HALTER ID TAGS:  Some might prefer the Halter ID tags… These halters come in many colors and they are breakaway.

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PERSONALIZED (pick your own snap, popper, color, length), EMBROIDERED LEAD ROPE.

I don’t have one of these lead ropes, but it looks like a great idea.  (click here) I’d love to be able to choose the snap, color, length and popper style.  I know that most people prefer the polyester rope, but I prefer cotton, even if it does get knots.  I just prefer the feel in my hands.

I could see how this would be PERFECT for a boarding barn application!!

Pick your color, length, snap and popper – and of course, the embroidery.

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The newest product is for your Dog!  Canine ICE ID tags!  Click here.

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