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A while back I ordered a Paint By Numbers of my previous perfect trail riding mount now deceased, Aladdin.  (Here is the link to my original post about ordering the kit.)

Truthfully, Aladdin wasn’t perfect, I just remember him that way…  In fact, if you ask Hubby, Aladdin was a ‘jerk’.  They hated each other, for obvious reasons.  They were both my one and only MAN.  Or so they both thought…  And, they never got over the rivalry.  Aladdin would snort and run away every single time he saw Hubby.  Or, he’d turn his butt and totally not do anything Hubby asked.

Hubby would yell and scream and wave things, but Aladdin simple ignored him.


Anyway, I know Aladdin was not a perfect horse but he was perfect for me.

Perfect Aladdin.


So, I came across a website  (EASY 123 ART) where you could email a photo to the website and they would send you the kit of your photo to paint via numbers.

I sent them Aladdin’s photo and a few weeks later, the kit arrived.

Oh, you could choose which type of ‘style’ you wanted for your photoart, too.  It could be regular or comedic or … I picked the regular type.

Anyway, it arrived and then sat… for months.



Hmmmmm.  The girls are here for the summer and they seem bored sometimes while I’m working (after they’ve done their chores, mind you…).

AHA!  Girls, you can do the Paint By Numbers!

They seemed thrilled.


But, they did it anyway since I received both a paper and canvas version.  One each.

The older stepchild worked on the canvas while the younger one was given the paper – typical.  Older child dominates.

Anyway, they sat in their room and started.

Right handed older child with canvas in front of her… left handed child not visible. Note the difference in ‘filled in’ areas. Younger child was obsessed with saying inside the very delicate lines.


Left handed child working into the night…


Older child zipped through the task and presented to me her finished piece.  I noted that the sky was the same as the top of the trailer and it didn’t make sense.  So, she fixed it.

Done!  Again..

The younger child was obsessed.  (We are going to have to work on this…)  It took HOURS  for her to get each line perfect.  Finally, I told her to ‘pick her battles’ or we’d never leave the house again… So she finished it.  Note the way her trailer mixes into the sky – I think that was a flaw in the design of the paint by numbers kit.  Older child mixed in grey to separate the two but the kit didn’t have any separation.

Now, I have two Aladdins that look surprisingly alike even though two hands (one lefty, one righty) performed the artistry.

Hmmmm.  I guess it is formulaic.   However, I am sure that if I did it, the work wouldn’t come out nearly as nice.

Final results… Canvas on right, paper on left. They look surprisingly similar to each other. Two different artists, two different hands, totally different timeframes. Yet, they are very similar.


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Romaine

    I ordered one of their kits too but never got mine and they refuse to reply to my inquiries.

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