Does a lone fawn need help? LOOK AT THESE SIGNS to know if the fawn is in danger!

So I know this isn’t about horses… but I thought it would apply (and is important) because so many of us live on rural land.


Mountain View Wildlife Rehabilitation

People that call us and are concerned whether or not they should bring the found fawn in can look at this. My very first question is look at the ears. Are they straight? Or are they crumpled?
If straight , was the deer laying down or standing up?
This year every deer we have taken in has looked like this. The ears are crumpled and the deer was standing up and crying.
The crumpled ear tips mean that the fawn is dehydrated and mom is gone.
The baby needs help!!!
If you are EVER in question about wether or not you need to help the baby , this is the answer.
If you find one with these crumpled ears , get that baby help!
We always advise if you get the fawn and can’t get it to a rehabilitation facility right away, NEVER feed the fawn ANYTHING but unflavored pedialyte.
We use specialty milks made specific for deer and anything else may proved fatal or create more issues.
As always please donate to your rehab facility as rehabilitation specialists are not paid.
We run strictly on donations or what we pay out of pocket.

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Mountain View Wildlife

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