A GREAT IDEA! PLEASE SIGN AND FORWARD this petition to build a Wildlife Overpass for the Salt River Wild Horses!

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This is a GREAT idea!  Wildlife overpasses are so important to allow the natural migratory paths for so many animals.

We humans build things… and often forget about the natural life around.

Today, we have an opportunity to help the Salt River Wild Horses – and, hopefully, more animals in the future.

Please sign petition here to ask for a Wildlife Bridge for the Salt River Wild Horses!

CLICK IMAGE to go to petition

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We, the undersigned citizens, urge you to work with federal, state and local authorities for the immediate and urgent construction of a wildlife overpass in the Coon Bluff/Bush Highway area over Flag Hill in the Tonto National Forest. This overpass is necessary to protect the safety of the public and wild horses and other wildlife living within the Forest.

Wildlife overpasses have been effective in protecting wildlife and reducing vehicular collisions in the United States and across the world, including in Arizona. The financial investment in the construction of wildlife overpasses in other areas has been recovered within several years through drastically reduced wildlife-vehicle collisions resulting in cost savings for the government and the private sector (such as the insurance industry).

Without an overpass, the famed Salt River wild horses, who are an important ecotourism resource for the area, will lose access to 40 percent of their habitat on the south side of Bush Highway. This area provides critical seasonal migratory habitat and forage that is a crucial part of the Salt River horses’ diet.

The State of Arizona has taken a strong stand in support of protecting the Salt River wild horses, who are beloved by citizens worldwide. State law protects these iconic wild horses in the habitat where they have historically lived along the lower Salt River.

We urge you to support the construction of a wildlife overpass over Bush Highway in the Tonto National Forest, as it is critical to protecting public safety and ensuring the well-being of the Salt River wild horses as intended under state law.

Thank you for your consideration.


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  1. Patti OBrien

    Hi Dawn. Signed. Do you happen to know why the facebook page for these horses hasn’t been active in over a year?

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