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Today was an awesome day for my mailbox and me!

I love these kinds of Christmas days!

Honestly, I can be having a very mediocre day and if there is a box in my mailbox, I get all giddy and drooly.

What could it be???

My mind races through all my recent activities… Did I buy something necessary like Rid-X?  Or is this something that I ordered for the horses?

Could it be a prize??!!

I start to fantasize that Ed McMahon finally found me…

I grab the box or puffy envelope and furiously look for a way to rip into it.  When all else fails, I grab my car key and start ripping at the tape in the seams.  (I always tell myself not to use my car key because one day I will break it – but I do it anyway…).

Usually, my bubble is burst when I find Hubby’s regular supply of Prevacid or one of the many car parts he has ordered through Amazon.

But sometimes… sometimes, I get really, really lucky!

Like today!


I ripped open the first package – (yes, there were two…)

Inside I found something I hadn’t ordered.


As I fumbled with the paper to figure out what I was holding; inside I found the perfect gift.

Flipping it like a little monkey, I realized I was holding the audio CD of HEALING SHINE, the book I had started to read.

How did this get here?!

Inside I found a lovely note from the author, Michael Johnson.  He told me that through a reader, he had discovered that I had written about starting to read his book.

Being a fine gentleman, he offered the CD to listen during longer drives should I spend any time in my car.  Perhaps I would enjoy it…

So I took him up on it.

As I entered my car today, I dutifully inserted the first CD



I ABSOLUTELY AM LOVING listening to this book.  I found myself making excuses to take the long route so I could finish a chapter.  Even when a disc was done and I was driving so I couldn’t fumble for the next one, I just let it play again – it is that much fun.

He, the author, does all the voices.  I find myself totally smiling thinking of this Texas cowboy voicing a baby colt who cannot pronounce his r’s.  Ha!

And Shine, the protagonist horse, speaks.  I know that may sound corny but it isn’t.

This audio set is a heartfelt and joyous romp, full of humility and gold.  I really think you will enjoy it.  I’m only on Chapter 3 and I already know I will be sad when I have finished the book.

You know what I mean…

Again, I have no affiliation.  And, if you’d like to listen to this CD, you can purchase it here.

Look what arrived!  I loooove it!   Humility and gold.  Click here (no affiliation) to get your own!

Look what arrived! I loooove it! Humility and gold. Click here (no affiliation) to get your own!


Just yesterday I wrote about ordering the Tommie Turvey neck ring and today it arrived!

But you know the best thing? –


I had been a bit worried because I didn’t spend the money to get the instructional DVD to go with the rope.

Lo and Behold, the DVD arrived with the neck ring!  I thought there was a mistake or that I had read the offer incorrectly.  Hey, maybe the DVD comes with it and I simply missed that point.

So, I went back to check.  Nope.  No mention.


I actually have come to figure that it is a better marketing plan to include the DVD so that people actually learn how to use the device and spread the knowledge – or don’t hurt themselves.  Not sure which.

Anyway, I was thrilled.

My Tommie Turvey neck ring arrived WITH the DVD I hadn't ordered!  Yay!  And, i don't know why... but I'm glad!

My Tommie Turvey neck ring arrived WITH the DVD I hadn’t ordered! Yay! And, i don’t know why… but I’m glad!


OK, well, this one wasn’t a surprise but I always get a little thrill out of preparing for Spring by stocking up on supplements and starting my “Get’em ready for riding” regime.

For me, and you’ve heard me say this a million times, I have been using Equion for 20 years and love it.  No other everyday affordable supplement – that I have used – makes their coats, feet, attitude, breeding potential (when I was breeding) and absorption rally like this product – reasonably priced.

Anyway, with 12 horses to get fit (and one very old mare), I chose their new economy size (50lbs).  And it arrived today via UPS!

The UPS guy knew the package was barn stuff and he said, “I love the way this stuff smells…  but it is really heavy!”

I just smiled and said, “In two months, it will all be gone.  The horses are like locusts with this stuff – but they will be gor-ge-ous!”

I always love a barn full of hay or a barrel full of pellets, new flymasks, a new jar of THE BALM and I love a huge bag of Equion.

Today was a very, very good Delivery day…!  ;)

It was dark when the UPS guy arrived.  Ahhhh, my Get 'em ready for Spring supply!

It was dark when the UPS guy arrived. Ahhhh, my Get ’em ready for Spring supply!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Cindy D

    I have the audio book as well. I purchased it to listen to as I made the long drive from WY to AZ, for a move with four horses and four dogs.

    After having listened to it for the fourth time, I have decided that it is the ONLY way to “read” this story. I think that being able to hear his voice add’s weight to the story, don’t you?

  2. MET

    The author was probably told that you wrote that you’re good for about a page a night before you go to sleep. :) Awesome gift, and for someone in a car during long commutes (me), I have to say you make it sound very worth ordering!

  3. Kathleen S.

    FUN! An excuse ( as if i need one for horse related ‘things’) ~~~my birthday is Sunday and I have SO wanted a new book on CD. I used to listen to those all the time. So thank you for the suggestion of SHINE. I ordered mine as soon as I read your Bog for today. Next i will get my Turvey neck ring and hope I get the CD like you did.
    Don’t ya just love horses? :)))
    It’s so much fun. And they really ARE my therapy.
    Do you still have your Icelandic? ( I got a few LG Bridles from you several years back)

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