63 MUST HAVES for your Horse Trailer (or RV). I totally want 6 of them right now!

I was sent this article outlining Must Haves for RV’s and horse trailers.  I was expecting earth shattering ideas, but most of these or practical, everyday usable items.

To look at all 63 items, click here to go to the original article.

For me, there are MY choice picks.

I have stumbling around trying to see at night. I love this idea. I have similar all around my house.

If this works, I love the idea… for the patio or the swing…

This is the kind of cooking I do… all in one pot and let it set. (Hubby is the better cook around here.)

I don’t need this now, but before my hip surgery, climbing into the truck was tough. This would have been very helpful!

I’m a leaner. I lean on the console.

Another great idea for those of us who have joint issues!



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  1. Helen Fleming

    A wheel step or a tailgate ladder was out of range for me, but I did have one of those stirrup extenders on hand. I wrapped the strap around the truck bed rails and adjusted the stirrup to a comfortable step up. With one foot in the stirrup and the other placed on the tire, I’m able to climb aboard when the tailgate is down. I leave the stirrup attached since it’s waterproof and just toss it into the bed. I also use this to get down the same way. A tool that does double-duty is helpful.

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