So much happened today! Dalton, Dominic, farrier, ride!

So much happened today and I’m so upset that I forgot to use my camera!

First, Gillian Larson brought Dalton back!  Gillian is a Thru-Rider (Pacific Crest Trail) and she has been training Dalton for over a year!  They arrived to Grass Valley yesterday evening.  Hubby made dinner, she spent the night, we rode together at Empire Mine in the late morning and then she left.  Whirlwind!

The farrier came at 7am this morning, before our ride.  That got me up early!

Then, at 3pm, Dominic had an appointment with a specialist to rule out DSLD.  He passed!  He’s just made that way!  No hint of any issue on his ultrasound.  Yay!

Here are the few pics that I managed to remember to take today…



This is Gillian. She is a Thru-Rider who has trained Dalton for over a year! She brought him home today. Check out her website! (

I totally forgot to take any pics of the farrier besides this one. That’s Missy Miss’ nose.


I didn’t take any pictures AT ALL of our trail ride (what was I thinking?!) – DRAT!


I drove Dominic to Loomis Basin Equine Hospital to get him checked. I wanted to rule out DSLD due to his recent suspensory injury – and his way of going.

Dominic on deck, waiting to go in for his ultrasound. He was a very good boy. No fretting. No fuss.

Here he is afterwards – drugged and floppy eared.. A clean bill of health! No DSLD! He’s just made that way…. I need to bring him in again, in a year, just to rule out any changes.

After our ride, I put Dalton in the pasture above Finn. He knows Finn/Mo/Missy Miss very well, but I didn’t want to upset Finn by putting Dalton in his pen – so soon after losing Wrigley and BG, who were his best friends.  Dalton challenges Finn, and I didn’t want to subject Finn to Dalton’s exuberance.  So, Dalton is next door.

Dalton was very good on our ride. He walked out very fast but was pokey going home. He wanted to stay out in the new riding place!  He seemed very happy on the trail.

Dalton always comes when called!  His mustang head is much larger than you would think. A horse-sized fly mask was too small!  But, such a sweet boy… He’s been living with 3 – 2 year-old Morgan fillies. They loved him and he loved them. So, I need to keep Dalton busy and find his new friend here.  I thought about putting Dominic and Dalton together… they are very much the same, very playful.   I’m a bit worried they will break several fences if they are together.   Tomorrow, I will put Dominic next to Dalton and see how they do.


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