Frenemies no more! Dalton and Dominic make up.

Yesterday, I had guys here working on the fencing (always…).

As sometimes happens with so many interlocking gates, someone enters one way and exits another – and leaves a gate open.

Yup, that happened yesterday.

After the guys left, I walked outside to do something, and I noticed that Dalton was loose.  He was walking up the driveway, just checking things out.

I ran inside to get my boots so I could grab him… and when I came back out, I saw this:

What am I seeing?! Is that Dalton and Dominic…grooming?! I thought they hated each other?!

Frenemies no more!


I decided to let them have their time together while I looked for the open gate.  I found it and closed it.

Then I went back inside.

After a while, Dalton was done grooming Dominic.  He looked up and saw me at the house.  And then, I couldn’t believe it, he ran up to the house and actually walked right up the concrete steps and onto the porch!!

What horse does this?!

By this time, I had already gotten back into my comfy flip-flops so I had to quickly ask him to WHOA! and then I ran inside to get my boots – again.

I swear, he waited for me on the porch!  What horse does this?

I got some cookies and had him follow me (because I didn’t have a halter handy) right back into his paddock.  I shut his paddock gate.

As soon as Dalton finished his cookies, he ran around up his paddock, through the arena, through the arena gate, up the hill, into the upper pasture and around to the llama (now unused chicken coop) shelter to the previously opened gate.  It was shut because I had shut it a half hour ago.

Dalton was devastated.

I will let him visit his friend again today…

Dalton, incredibly disappointed at the now closed gate near the llama pen.

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  1. bonnie

    Wow, I am impressed at how much he likes you as well as how smart he was to try again to get out!
    Any news on his rideability yet?

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