WHY PLAY in the water you have to DRINK?! WHY WHY WHY?!!!

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 | Filed under Dalton

I’m sure many of you have a horse that plays in his water…

I’ve been really lucky for many years.  No one plays in their water anymore.  Slick would do it occasionally, but usually only on really hot days or when he was just in the mood.

Now… I have Dalton.  Dalton plays in his water – non-stop.  For no reason.

You see, I’ve tested this.  He will play in fresh water during the night.  He will play in his water during the cool mornings.  He will play any time of any day.

Granted, he is young (5 or 6), but he is old enough to know better.  He only has one water.   Well, that’s not true, he now has 3 different waterers.  I’m hoping at least one is clean by the end of the day…  But you’d think he’d connect the dots.  If he ruins his water, he has no water until I notice.  I wouldn’t play in my only drinking water.  None of the other horses do… but of course, Dalton is Dalton.  That is why I love him so.

At least now I know.  He needs a trough that is big and heavy and taller than his legs.

Tomorrow, I am giving him a 75 gallon Rubbermaid trough.

Here, in the early morning, he has already dumped one bucket… and pushed his hay all into the mess. At first, I thought he was a wayward dunker, but I don’t see any hay in the actual trough. So, I don’t think he is a dunker. I think he is a water park enthusiast.

Here he is smiling as the sun came up… his hook bucket of water tossed into the field. You can see it through the neck hole there.

Here I put a bucket inside his feeder. He first bit the hose and flung it around and then he dumped the waterer – even though it was tied tight!

I’m thinking of putting Mo in with him. They play biteyface all day through the fence. Perhaps two pranksters in one paddock will keep each other occupied!


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  1. Judith

    At the farm where my horse lives, they are outside all together 24/7 with several giant water tanks. One long-legged mare liked to play in them, putting both front feet into the tank and sometimes upsetting it. The solution was to put them up on a foundation of blocks, so they were too high for her to reach.

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