The merits of APPLE BREATH when meeting a new horse.

People, throughout my life, have always said, “Gee, that horse sure likes you!”

Well, I have a secret….

My whole life, I’ve always felt that breathing at a horse (since they like to meet people through breath AND are vegetarians)…,  I’ve always felt that breathing at a horse with meat breath, or carnivore breath, was probably rude.  Or at least not a good idea.

I mean, first impressions, right?  If you met someone who was a little smelly in a bad way, you’d probably remember that before the good stuff.

Same with horses, I figure.

So, I always ‘freshen my breath’ before meeting a new horse.  I pretty much try to eat apples or carrots or something appetizing when I’m around my own horses as well.

Why not?  Couldn’t hurt, could help.

And, I think it is why a lot of horses decide that maybe they might like me after all.  Or at least I might be worth their time.

Here is a video of Dalton, who has only met me a few times, departing from his herd to come over.

Apple breath.

Try it!

Click image to watch Dalton. (Mute or turn down volume…)

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