I thought it would be a good idea to put the young boys (Dalton and Wrigley) together!…Uh, not so much…

Monday, February 24th, 2020 | Filed under Dalton

Wrigley loves to play and has a lot of energy.

Dalton is young and loved to spar with his brother at Sweetbeau Horses.

Hmmmm, maybe it would be a good idea to put them together!  They’d have so much fun!

… Uh, not so much.


You may wonder why I have Missy MIss and Mo in there…  Well, it wasn’t the best idea but it was the only way I could do this because there wasn’t another open pasture.  I had hoped to put Missy Miss and Mo in the upper pasture which is connected, but just realized that the recent rains has finally ruined the gate connection.  The post has moved far enough away that it can no longer close safely.  So there’s that.  Sigh.  Just another thing…  I truly hate clay/sand soil.

Here we see Dalton with his butt to Wrigley – and Wrigley eating Dalton’s breakfast. Missy Miss has turned her hind end to this drama. Mo is protecting Missy Miss. (Mo dislikes Dalton.)

Here Dalton is posturing and Wrigley is paying no attention.

Dalton sees me and comes over for help. “Get him OUT OF HERE, please.”

“He’s eating MY food!”

I tell Dalton to play with Wrigley and have some fun. Dalton doesn’t want to play with Wrigley. Now Missy Miss has turned around to watch. Mo stands behind her.

Wrigley and Dalton posture together, and they all run to the upper pasture (where I cannot close the gate). Here Dalton is begging me to get rid of Wrigley in his space.

Wrigley storms off and pouts on the far side of the pasture. I put hay in the feeders, hoping everyone will calm down and eat. Here you see Mo, Missy Miss and Wrigley at the far end.

But strong and confident Dalton runs back over to the first feeder with Mo (who really doesn’t like Dalton but he likes Dalton better than Wrigley…) and they all eat together.

Here you can see Dalton’s expression. He is upset that I didn’t remove Wrigley. Look at him scold me!

Wrigley cannot believe that everyone went to Dalton’s camp. He is very upset.

Then the threesome move off to the far side of the pasture, leaving Wrigley alone. He wasn’t invited.

Wrigley, humbled and crushed, begs me to put him back with Finn and Beautiful Girl. I did.

Wrigley back with his homie, Finn.

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