Dalton the unflappable. Another reason to love him.

Monday, August 19th, 2019 | Filed under Dalton

So I decided to let Dalton into the huge 5 acre pasture.

His paddock it above the pasture and he has been able to oversee it for the weeks that he has been here.  But, usually Missy Miss, Annie and Mo use that pasture.

Yesterday, while he was eating, I closed the gate into that paddock from Missy Miss, Annie and Mo’s pasture… and opened Dalton’s gate into the 5 acre field.

I waited.   Dalton looked up, saw what I had done, and put his head back into his food.


ALL of my horses would have run to the gate and been all snorty as they buckykicked their way into the new horizons.

Not Dalton.

So, I went inside.

An hour later, I emerged back outside.  Dalton was halfway down his pen, looking at the opened gate.


I thought maybe he needed some encouragement, so I walked through the gate and into the big pasture.  He followed.

No buck, no kick, no squeal, no charging to get past… no change in his demeanor whatsoever.

He just walked out there and stood.  Checking things out.

Then, he walked over to the pony pasture and looked in.  Then he walked the other way.  He sniffed some poop and walked around.

Not any concern.  Just another day, another moment – another thing.

Ho Hum.

I went back inside.

When it was time to put everyone to bed, Dalton was already back in his upper pen.

He put himself away.  I didn’t have to call him or beg him or get a bucket or have him ignore me or have him run off and play games.  He was in his paddock.  Ready for bed.

Dalton is exactly perfect for what I want.  I’m sure he isn’t perfect for everyone and I’m sure he won’t be perfect at all times (like not loading…), but this kind of attitude is golden to me.  He is such a chill, young horse!  Nothing I’ve even been used to – and I love it.

Thank you, Horsegods, thank you.

I walked with him into the big field. No big deal. No squealing or kicking or running and bucking. Like he’d been here all of his life. Ho hum.

First he walked over to the pony pasture… then he turned back and went into the vastness of the pasture.

Here he is, sniffing leftovers from the mares. Not a peep. No interest. No excitement.

He explored the entire field. La De Dah. Not a buckykick… not one. He didn’t run or play or even act nervous.

He heard the neighbor’s tractor. Ho hum.

I went back at twilight to spread shavings and tuck them in… and he was already back in his spot. He is such a chill horse!

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