DALTON IS IN THE HOUSE! We walked him home!

Today is the last day of July so I had to move Dalton from my neighbor’s place as she is actually full up with boarders and Dalton was taking her mare’s paddock (Thank you, CC!).

To refresh, I have been consumed with my new job and didn’t even think to trailer-train Dalton.  So, when I pulled up at 9:30am to get him, he wasn’t having any of it.

After an hour, he had put in 3 feet and I was running out of time as it was getting HOT.  Besides, I didn’t want to force his first trailer episode in my trailer… I had to make a decision before it became too hot – I called a friend to see if she could help me walk Dalton home.  She was having her nails done but her husband, Dan, was home.

Aha!  Perfect.  Dan was a police officer and has that ‘cool as a cucumber’ demeanor.  I called Dan and he came right over!  I pulled my trailer back home; Dan and I drove to Dalton’s boarding place in his truck… we put on Dalton’s halter, we walked through the vineyards as if we did it every day – while chatting about life, crossed the street, walked up our hill and put him away!

Dalton was a joy!  He walked only as fast as we walked and I swear he was listening to our conversation.  I’m sure he felt it.  All three of us were just walking along.  No issues, and we missed the heat.

Dan and I leaving Dalton’s boarding home. We are going to walk through a few vineyards to get to my street.  (I’m asking the owner of the boarding place near my house – how do we go through the vineyards?… I had never done it before – but we were going to do it today!)


I let him out in Gwen’s paddock, alone.  (I put Gwen in with Wrigley, Finn and BG.)  This way, I could watch him easily via the kitchen window.

Immediately Annie, Mo and Missy Miss came over.  Of course, Annie ran the show…  Dalton was confused by Mo, but most horses are when they meet a donkey for the first time.  Although, Dalton wasn’t too disturbed so I figure he had seen a donkey previously.

Then, little Dodger and Norma trotted to the fence.  Dalton met both of them.  Poor old Dodger tried to put up a stallionlike display, but he is just too old for that sort of stuff now.  Dalton was kind to them both.  No rearing or displays of vigor.

Pretty much Dalton settled on Annie.  She’s big.  She can fight off intruders.  She’s the Boss.

He’s smart to want to be in her shadow.

Upon arrival, Missy Miss, Annie and Mo ran up from the huge field to greet him. Dalton has spent most of his time with geldings, so these ladies were thrilling to him!   (This pic was taken from far away, so it isn’t sharp.)


As the day progressed, Dalton was a bit worried because Annie, Mo and Missy Miss went about their day in the large paddock – leaving Dalton.  So, I went out there and sat with him and read my book.  That was good… until the wind came up.

I decided to call back the trio and lock them into their upper paddock for the evening.  This way, Dalton would have big horse company (Norma and Dodger are right next door, but apparently, not good enough…) for his first night.

In the afternoon, when the wind kicked up, I brought the trio up from the large pasture into the paddock next to Dalton. Here he is looking at Missy Miss who Annie has just told to ‘go away, he’s mine!’. Mo watches.

Dalton and Annie make friends. Dalton is no dummy. Annie is the biggest mare and the strongest. He knows who will keep him safe.

I told him how smart he was to pick Annie. They both looked over.  Annie is a big girl.  She towers over him.


At dinner, the wind had calmed and Dalton was calm…  In fact, he was very interested in the cats instead of the horses.  The cats, being good cats, kept him company.

Here he is, eating dinner out of a tub that is closer to Annie. I figured that would help… It is still windy.

As the evening progressed, the heat and wind died down and the cats came out. (The black cat is there, too, just out of frame.)

Dalton settled nicely.

After feeding, I was walking the aisle, giving everyone watermelon. Dalton waited his turn. In the background, you can see my chair… I am sure I will sit there for a time tomorrow. But really, I think he will be just fine.


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