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NORMA JEAN RECEIVED A PACKAGE! Do you read picture books to little children?! Check out DONKEY DONK! (Donkeys are the BEST)!

Norma Jean received a package a while back – during the time that Dodger passed away… so she wasn’t able to read them, until now.


I think it would be great to teach little ones about the value of wonderful donkeys…  What better way than an easy to follow, engaging, picture book about a real-life donkey!

Meet Donkey Donk!  (Yes, I am partial to donkeys.  I have two – Norma Jean and Mo – and they are incredible beings… so smart, so emotional and so giving.  Donkeys are wonderful.

And, you will be able to see how wonderful donkeys are because the author, Ellen F. Feld, who owns Donkey Donk,  is able to dress her in all kinds of outfits, have her do all kinds of tricks, and takes her to all kinds of places!


There are three Donkey Donk books.  (I’m sure Feld loves creating these!).

What can I do?       Horse Show!      and Take a Hike!

All of the books are real photography of the real donkey, Donkey Donk (they live on a Morgan Horse farm, which I love, of course!).  The photos are engaging, the print is big and pretty, and the learning messages are simple and true.


This book is about the poor little Donkey Donk who is growing up on a fancy horse show farm and wonders what she can do as well as all of the big show horses.

The first book from 2018. All real photos with a sweet message of a little donkey living on a show horse farm. Click image to go to the Amazon page

A very sweet message

Donkeys are very affectionate.


In this book, Donkey Donk prepares for her first show!

Donkey Donk learns how to be a show donkey! Click image to go to Amazon

Fun, relatable photos!


A good message…


This story is really quite a feat!  Donkey Donk actually went on a major hike on Mt. Washington!  So awesome!

Click image to go to Amazon

Gorgeous photos.

A sweet message about accomplishing a goal.

I could not imagine doing this with either of my donkeys. Wow! Great job!


All of the above titles have links to their Amazon page.  However, I noticed that you can get a ‘signed copy’ (by Donk or Feld, not sure…) by contacting

More info!


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Amazing artistry, intricate tooling, a GORGEOUS horse and all these incredibly cute, mini leatherscrap animals! Meet Artist Casey Gunschel!

Oh my gosh.  I have to put these photos right up front before I wax lyrically all over the place for artist, Casey Gunschel.  These photos are from her site.  Casey tools leather beautifully!  She cares for a gorgeous draft gelding.  She also forms scrap leather into the cutest mini animals AND creates incredible furniture, sculptures, leather walls, tables, chairs, seats for motorcycles… anything made of leather – even grained leather tiles!

*You may recognize the little leatherscrap horses… Casey sent a dozen to help with the December Bucket Fund.  I didn’t ask.  She just offered.  Yep.  A she’s a good heart, too.


A leatherscrap rhino!

Casey with hr draft gelding, Dexter.

Her beautiful tooling.

Could you imagine doing this freehand?!

A motorcycle!

This is a private wine bar in Napa. Isn’t that wall – amazing?!

Octopus tooling!

What a great idea!


ABOUT CASEY…and Dexter!

Casey is a reader of the blog.  I’ve never chatted with her previous to her offering to send a dozen leatherscrap horses to benefit the December Bucket Fund.

When the mini gift horses arrived, I was absolutely charmed.  Casey had included her card inside the box.  So, I went to her site.

OMGosh!  I was so impressed.  Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS work!!

And not only was I impressed with her tooling and leather craft, she also had a huge and glorious horse!  Here was the first photo I saw of delectable Dexter.

Gorgeous Dexter

So I asked Casey about her life, her horse, her living in Oregon, the amazing leather wine bar wall… I could go on and on.  I wanted to know it all!  … and this is what she said:

Hi Dawn,

I LOVED Oregon. I grew up in Massachusetts by lived in Chicago on and off for 20 years – and in one of my “off” times I married a wild land firefighter who was stationed in Lakeview. It was a big, wonderful culture shock and I had no idea what to do with myself so I bugged a saddle maker until he caved and let me learn how to work leather. Needless to say, I’m no longer married, no longer in Oregon, but still playing with leather. And now back in Massachusetts, right off Cape Cod.

So that wine bar at at Trinchero Vineyard. Are you familiar? I keep meaning to get my butt out there to see it. A great excuse to go to Napa for a visit!    
And I wish I had great pictures of the “cow”. I think you’re probably talking about the drawing I was transferring on the wall.   That was actually a moose.

This is the ‘cow’ I was speaking about, which is actually a moose. What an amazing wall piece, right?!

Anyhow, my HORSE! His name is Dexter but I call him Dex (I think of the serial killer when I think of Dexter and I’d rather not). He’s a 17.3 hand, 14 year old Belgian-y guy. He was a PMU foal and lived in New Hampshire until he was six. And then he moved to Massachusetts and stood, by himself, in someones back yard sand lot for years. When I moved down the street from him five years ago he and I found each other and the rest is history. So I guess I kind of acquired him? He now lives with a very large Percheron mare named Tilly in my backyard. Dex and I do a lot of trail riding in the cranberry bogs around the area, and he is an all around solid citizen. I realize I’m biased, but he is the perfect horse for me. I took a picture this afternoon and attached it – but if you want to use a picture off my Instagram please do!

This is the photo she took that day of her gelding, Dexter.


Too cute!

I would die for this bag…

Can you imagine the patience needed here. Oh my gosh!

Dog looking over the start of a dragon tool.

Soft buttery leather, tooled beautifully… love this.

Cool idea!

for that special saddle…

What if you make a mistake mid carve… ??!! So much time is involved here. And trust and calm hands and…

Peacock feathers.

I’ve never seen a leather table like this…protected.

This is a desktop. Wow! Imagine the desk and the room it’s in.

Another great design idea! Grained leather planks!

Your name…

How it starts.

So amazing. Imagine a table with all of your special words carved into it!


Magazines featuring Casey’s work.


Here is her website.

Phone:  888-490-5346,   Email:

I love her belt, bracelet and rings, too!!!!!!

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