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ANOTHER HAPPY UPDATE FOR YOUR MONDAY! Rojo, Remi and Sam (and Foxy) in the snow!

As you all know, Rojo, Sam and Remi are now living total freedom with twice daily food on the 9000 acre Skydog Sanctuary.

Although the decision to give them this wonderful opportunity was tough for me, seeing these photos only makes me more resolute that they have what is best for them.  Freedom, food, an incredibly diverse landscape and each other.

I must admit, seeing these photos made me want to run outside and see them… but of course, I couldn’t.  So, I am resolute to see them this summer.  Hopefully they will come when called.


(Thank you, Clare Staples, for sending these wonderful photos!)

This is Foxy on the left (with the blaze) and Rojo, chewing on the right. As you can see, Rojo has integrated Foxy into his herd.

Tubby Rojo on the left and beautiful Sam on the right. She’s tubby, too! No one can say that they aren’t getting enough food!

This is Foxy on the left (love his long mane) and Sam on the right. I think this photo was taken earlier in the day when the sun was higher. Both look surprised… maybe Clare was walking closer to them. Sam is chewing.  I love how the sparse bush looks to be a halo around Sam’s rump!

Remi looking fat and alert. She’s been eating well, too!

Such a well composed shot! Sam on the far left, Foxy looking at something in the middle and Remi fussing over the hay on the right. Look at her ears! Ha! That’s my girl!


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GREAT NEWS SUNDAY! THE AUCTION WAS HALTED FOR THE ISPMB HORSES AND …4 of them (2 mamas with babies) make it all the way to Oregon and SKYDOG SANCTUARY!

I love happy ending stories, don’t you?  Especially when the initial situation was so dismal.

I’m sure you all are aware to some degree of the ISPMB situation…

There are two pieces of good news here.  First, the horrible auction scheduled for this snowy, miserable month – that guaranteed only meat buyers would make the trek- was halted.   YAY!  From where it stands right now, the governing bodies are letting the adoption/rehoming process continue.

Amazing volunteers have been gathering these wild horses, in abominable weather, trying to home as many as possible before the deadline.  Now they have a reprieve.  They won’t stop the process, but they now don’t have a relentless hammer held against their throats.  Phew!

The second bit of incredible news comes from Skydog Sanctuary.  This is where the ‘Stang Gang: Remi, Rojo and Sam, now live – very happily – on 9000 acres.

Anyway, Skydog Sanctuary reached out the the volunteers helping at ISPMB and offered to take two mares with foals at their sides.  Skydog arranged hauling ACROSS THE COUNTRY from South Dakota to Oregon, in horrible HORRIBLE weather.

And the horses arrived safely today.


(as told by Skydog Sanctuary.)

FINALLY. What a journey these horses have had. They are originally from the Sheldon herd which if you ever read about the Sheldons and the betrayals and the way they were let down by people who should have protected them, that in itself should have been enough for any horse to go through. But these Sheldons ended up “safe” at ISPMB which is now sadly a badly broken sanctuary that failed them again horribly. But these are the lucky ones. These four beautiful horses made it out and all the way to Oregon today. It was not without its challenges. It is near impossible to find haulers to go pick up horses in South Dakota in this weather and bring them across country in some of the biggest blizzards and lowest temperatures we have ever seen. Last night when they were five miles away from here the trailer slid and got stuck badly. After a LOT of effort from all the team we got them back on the road today and soon they truly had arrived. And they are amazing. The palomino mama and both babies are friendly and we are hoping the medicine hat mare will warm up to us once she realizes she is safe. We put them in the quarantine barn for now which is warm and dry and enclosed with nice sand and straw for them to lay in. Sadly they ignored all the hay and grain and went to the corner to eat snow. That broke my heart. It’s probably what they have been eating for weeks. The mamas are so gentle with their babies – the sorrel is a boy and the cremello is a girl. We have yet to name them. We want them to have new names for their new lives. They are going to know so much love and attention and all the creature comforts just because those have been so lacking in their lives. We are thrilled they are here and so grateful to everyone who surmounted every obstacle in our path to get them to Skydog…….Thank you to Barbara, Palomino, Blake, Elaine and everyone else – but especially to Tyler and Jon who have had a tough 12 hours getting these horses the last five miles. They never said it was going to be easy xxx Will post more later but just want to spend some time getting to know the new members of our family and settle them in.

Jon giving the thumbs up to open the trailer door

My first look – as the snow gently fell and the temperatures rose we saw them for the first time

Mamas curious and eager to get out

First step into their new life and they didn’t take much persuading – so happy to get out

She is such a pretty palomino with sooty eyes and nose and grey mane – so unique and the medicine hat is just so beautiful…..if you had any doubts about taking some horses from ISPMB and have negative opinions about different people just think of the horses and take some into your hearts and homes before christmas. It can still be done x

Having a look into the nice warm barn

They are curious and confident and calm and chilled

And now come the babies, blue eyed girl first x

Even the foals are sweet and seem happy to be around people

She closed her eyes and starting eating after a while right next to her mama – safe at last. Happy Christmas x

screen-shot-2016-04-10-at-1-55-14-pmDECEMBER BUCKET FUND!  The 23 mustangs are almost all saved!  9 are adopted!  We just have 14 in holding and we need board/time to place them!  This is going so well!  Please help us secure the future of the remaining 14!

The amount needed is $2100 and we have $1485!  We can do this!

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Aren't they beautiful?! We can save them all!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!