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An update on ROJO AND SAM!

Lovely Clare from Skydog Ranch Sanctuary sent these videos of Sam and Rojo!  (Don’t worry, Remi was there, but just not in the videos!)

My heart sings when I see Remi, Sam and Rojo at Skydog Ranch Sanctuary!  These mustangs are fat, happy and free!  They have a woman who coos at them and wranglers who dote over them… And, they are all still very friendly even though they are free.  Warms my heart.


Click here to watch Sam’s video!

Click to view Sam’s video.


Click here to watch Rojo’s video.

Click to watch a movie of Rojo!

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I received a phone video (not the best quality – but good enough!!) from Skydog Ranch Sanctuary of Remi, Rojo and Sam being treated with goodies by one of their Wrangler/Caretakers, Colton.   Colton was going to go away for a month, So he took grain to his favorite horses… and some of his favorite horses were REMI, ROJO AND SAM, of course!

Sam, Remi and Rojo upon their release at Skydog. I took this photo of them. They were very contented in their new digs!


And we have a video!

I love how Rojo comes running over instantly!  Foxy, their new herdmate, is quite the camera ham.

I also adore how Colton calls out for Rojo and he comes over right away!  Good job.  Of course, Sam hung back, as she always does.  She’s shy.  But Colton was able to feed her, too!

How impressive!  Clearly the caretakers at Skydog (FB linked here) really care about the mustangs.  Warms my heart.  And, as you can see, the horses have freedom to run and play for acres and acres, plus meals!  Doesn’t get much better.

Thank you, Skydog Sanctuary, for taking such tremendous care of my loved ones.

Here is a link to the video.

Remi and Foxy came right over! Click image to watch video.

Rojo came over as soon as Colton called him! Sam held back a bit but she did accept grain from his hand!

WE ARE ALMOST THERE!  Any Starbucks donations today?!  Swayze lives at Skydog near Remi, Rojo and Sam.  Such good people trying to do their best for all the horses at Skydog. Every bit adds up!  MARCH BUCKET FUND HORSE, SWAYZE, NEEDS SURGERY TO SURVIVE.  His Drop in the Bucket Fund (story here) only needs $230 to give him his lifesaving surgeryJust a few drops will add up!  Thank you in advance!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!