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Today, I will do my taxes for real this time…


Made me laugh!

Mother Nature is amazing.

4 generations!

So lovely!


A feeding idea…

Nice! But I wouldn’t want to carry up the groceries…


This is the Main Street of Nevada City – the town 2 miles from Grass Valley, where we live.


So clever and cozy!

I love the inventions vets and horse owners come up with to keep wraps safe!

This guest room looks very sweet and warm.

If your horse is chewing on the top rail of his stall.

This is WWR Astro Boy, a Morgan stallion, standing beneath the Justin Morgan statue in Vermont.

Healthy wild ones

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Saturday is PHOBLOG DAY!

Today, I start my taxes.  Ugh.  You, too?!


I thought this was a good idea and might work for some of you… pallets, mats and shavings. I don’t know if pallets are strong enough, but seems to work.  There must be plywood on top of the pallets.

So this owl is flying with a horse-head stick toy… Made me laugh.

So cozy to me. I love those windows!

Another tiny house design that is perfect for me.

A good design for when the feeder needs to feed baggies of food. I don’t know who designed it or if there are plans… but a good idea if you are creative.

Awww. A wild kiss.

Gorgeous, healthy and wild.

Another inexpensive idea…

I grew up about 5 minutes from here. These are the Sutro Baths and Cliff House at Ocean Beach in SF. My Dad used to drive us there to look at the ruins after the fires.

Oh I would have loved this as a little girl!!!


I have no idea the context of this shot… perfect timing, for sure. I see how he/she has been scratching on a tree…

His bum isn’t even in the saddle. This takes core strength for sure!

Wild love.


THE STORY:  This little mare is in the DIRECT TO SLAUGHTER pen in Bowie, Texas.  She is not up for auction – she is direct ship to slaughter.  ASIAB is on the ground there NOW  and sent some photos!  This girl looks so adorable to me and those on the grounds say she is very sweet and has been loved/handled.  Her brow mark that looks like a heart shape with a bite taken out!  Can we help save her?!   She is young and appears healthy!

Let’s not let her land on that truck to Mexico!

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you in advance!

Click. here to donate!

Donation thermometer is here.

Let’s not let this healthy, young filly go to slaughter! She’s in the direct ship pen!

Her mark looks like a heart with a bit taken out! The people there say she is very sweet and has been loved/handled.



HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!