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Today, we leave for the Ranch!



Too cute.

The story of this dog is attached below. Anyone in TX?

her story

I know I’ve used this previously, but I just love it.


Just to sit there with a good book… and a warm blanket.

I think the babies are safe…

Day at the Roxy…

This is probably AI, but I love it.

A Morgan baby from the very best East of Equinox Farm. I bought my very best horse, ever, from them.

I can’t… if they needed adoption, I’d drive my trailer over right now!

Such a great idea.

This is what I hate about AI. I’m pretty sure this is fake, but I don’t like that there is that option now.

Monochromatic wild ones.



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Today… I will spend flat-out (literally) in bed.  You see, I came off of Willy on Monday after a very precarious and odd event while trail riding.   And yes, I did get back on and ride out of the Park, but I knew that I probably injured myself like I had never injured myself (upon landing from a horse) previously.  My brain went, “Uhhhh, I think we have an issue here…”.

I kinda knew that something was more wrong than I let myself believe, but I didn’t face my fears until Thursday, when I knew I was getting worse and not better and that  I should go to the ER to get checked out.   Wellllllll, it seems that I have a burst fracture in my T3 vertebrae (mid-upper back – imagine a sharp knife inserted there) and I tore the MCL in my left knee (totally unstable and wobbly).  Both injuries are totally manageable… BUT, CRAP.     Willy felt horrible as he stared at me on the ground with his big eyes.   He knew his actions ejected me… and I knew my actions (getting older and not being as fluent or as well-seated as I once was) were the cause of this accident.

I fear that I will suffer the most from this, both physically and emotionally.  I am truly bummed that I couldn’t ride out the situation and instead lost my seat and came off.  Really upsets me.

Now I recover.  Except we leave for the Ranch in exactly a week.  So, this will be interesting.  Do I ride at a walk (my inclination since I’m not supposed to jostle or vibrate my spine), or do I not ride.  Knowing me, I will ride one of their very well trained kids’ horses at a slow and lovely pace.


Me at the pool (I like to swim for exercise) just a few days ago… and me yesterday.

I love the floors

What is not to love about a baby wombat (except its tiny razor-sharp claws…)

Artists amaze me.

And again.


I love Spring!

I would have killed for these in high school!!!  We probably should have had a class in how to make these since we did tie-dye and batik…

I thought this was a pretty way to update a brick house.


My horses would just rip this off the fence and paw at it until it gave up the hay… but it might work for someone out there…

Gorgeous wild Mama and baby.


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!