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Saturday is PhoBlog Day! Drafts and our Bucketboy, Red!

Saturday is PhoBlog Day!  It seems that I have assembled some Drafty pics… and the story of our lovely and talented Bucketboy, Red!

1)  Here is a pic I just loved that I found on the web.  There was no photo credit so I don’t know who shot this.  But, I think it is really special.

2)  This is a draft mule, John Boy, that was saved this month from auction by Eagle’s Nest Draft Rehab and Sanctuary (ENDRS).  Here he is, totally happy and relaxed to be with his new family.  I am so grateful for LeAnn and Wayne from ENDRS and all those who are available and willing to save these big guys from slaughter.  I cannot imagine this happy boy in some European restaurant…

Here is what LeAnn had to say about his condition when he arrived… I know they are working hard at fixing John Boy’s ills.  They say he sits all the time and watches the traffic go by.

“The Belgian is safe & soundly bedded down at ENDRS. He loaded like a perfect gentleman and trailered well from Jamesport. The weather was horrid.
I think he is pleasantly confused about the attention and intake process. Of course, he is filthy, skinny and wormey. No lice or ticks but he does have pale gums so he is likely anemic from worms. His feet are a mess and he is moving arthritic but maybe a good supplement will help with that. He had his first treat today and it took him several minutes before he took it from Wayne’s hand and ate it. However, after the first one, he was happy to accept as many as we would give.”

3)  This is our Bucket Boy, Red!  I had found this first photo of him holding his bowl on an obscure website.  But, through that website, I was able to contact the person who took the photo, Trish Lowe.  Trish said “Red” was her boyfriend’s horse since he was a baby and he was quite the personality!  Then, I asked Trish about him and she said that he is now owned by Ashley Crocker (Canada).  So, I asked Ashley about him and she said that he is still quite the character!  He is an 8 year old grandson of Doc O’Lena and she can teach him anything… Anything!   Red is very talented.  Ashley loves him and cannot see ever selling him.  She also sent along more photos of him.




–Chasing a cow


–Riding with Mom

That’s Saturday’s Phoblog!  Check in tomorrow and have a great weekend!

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If you want an update on the Bucket Fund or to donate, please click on the photo (photo credit, Trish Lowe)

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

Saturday is PhoBlog Day! See Filly Run! Cool Treehouse and a Wild Seal Makes Googley Eyes…

Well, today is PhoBlog Day!  I hope you enjoy these as I have gone slightly off the horsey track with some of these…

1)  Here is my favorite mini filly showing off her new body clipping at a full run!  The next pic is her visiting with Sunshine, her buddy’s Mom.

2)  This one is just the coolest tree house! 

3)  I found an incredible, heartwarming video this week and wanted to share it. It was a video of a very wild seal who greets this woman, climbs on her, kisses her, hugs her and poses for her.  It was so awesome!  Unfortunately, the video was gone today and all I have is the screen shot.   Anyway, the hosting site replaced that video with this baby moose in the sprinkler video which is pretty cute.  If you haven’t seen it, click on the moose picture for the You Tube link.

Have a great Saturday!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!