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Saturday is PhoBlog Day! Captions anyone? Photobombing seal, Navy dog…

I was thinking, is there a better term for PhoBlog on a Saturday when we all have a cup of coffee in our hands?  Maybe Bloffee? Blogfee? Phofee?

Anyway, here is a pic my husband sent to me that just made me giggle.  Do you know the term “photo bombing?”  It means when someone in the background, or in this case — the foreground– ruins a photo and you didn’t even know that person was there.

1)  So, the first photo for today is the Seal who photo bombed the penquins!

2)  The next photo is my husband’s dog, Shiva, in uniform.  After the photo was taken, Shiva ate the hat.  The inside joke is that Shiva has a perpetual uniform because he is black and tan, just like Daddy’s uniform.  So, they just manufactured a hat for him and Voila!

3)  The next photo we found on the Internet and I think it is hysterical! Boy decorates totally willing dog…  I wonder how often he does this to the dog?  I hope his parents take pics of all masterpieces!

4)  This last pic cracks me up.  I guess it is better to come up with something when it is cold out and you don’t have a foal blanket!  I would never have been that ingenious.  So, another use for a hoodie! 

Have a Great Saturday!

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SATURDAY IS PHOBLOG DAY! More Mini Baby, Silly Cat, Odd Couple

Hi There!

Today is Phoblog day!  Please feel free to comment.


Of course, I have to add this week’s photos of the mini baby that I find so adorable.  Her Mama was rescued by Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue.  You can read her story (and many other rescue stories) there.


Here is a pic of my friend’s cat.  He is really a character.  He loves to hide in this urn and pop out at people as they pass by.  Crazy Kitty!


I got this via email so you may have already seen it. The story is that this deer comes into this cat’s backyard every morning and they play.  The owner said that she couldn’t believe it wasn’t a fluke until it happened regularly. So, she took some pics.

TIP O’ THE DAY: Don’t train when you are angry.


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!