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Day TWO!

It is Day 2 at the R Lazy S Ranch in Wyoming!

I’m still struggling with the internet… so I am uploading the pics from the morning ride.

The temperature is PERFECT.  Although there is still smoke in the sky, today it was much more clear.  As an aside, last night was gorgeous.  The sunset and temperature… Mother Nature at her best!


Me, Cash, Hubby and Rose! Cash was sniffing the horse in front of us.

Yesterday afternoon, we went wading in the Snake River. This photo is not the Snake River… but I didn’t take any pics while wading because I didn’t think about it at the time. I wish I had… it was gorgeous! So is this… we rode along side this stream today.

Here we are, above the same stream.

Here are Hubby, his best friend and best friend’s wife in the arena, preparing for a loping ride.

Hubby said that this bird was a magpie. Very colorful

This horse was sleeping this morning, with a bird on his neck!

Happy, sleepy horses.

This is one of the older horses who doesn’t have to work anymore because the kids are all gone back to school. So he is relaxing and eating grass against the Tetons.

The mini donkeys!

My horse, Cash, grabbing a snack while we were stopped to take photos.

This is the mailbox on the ranch. I love the actual old time advertisement for the Pony Express that is printed on the box.


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This morning (Hubby and I are at the R Lazy S Ranch in Wyoming), I got up early to bring my saddle down to the corrals.  Of course, I met some horse friends who were standing around in the corrals.

After a hearty breakfast, we left for the corrals.  I had requested Cash again (my horse partner from last year) and I got him!  Yay!  Lucky me!

(The internet is not strong in our cabin… so I will post as many pics as I am able.)

Right now, we are waiting for lunch.  It will rain on our afternoon ride, so if I get good pics, I will post those as well.


I went to the corrals very early to drop off my saddle. The smart horses were resting (they are released at night and wrangled back in the mornings). This one very pretty horse was looking at me. So, I took this pic.

Th is guy was beautiful and friendly…  (Yes I caught a potty moment in the background)

I made a new friend.

I then turned my camera around to the pastures and saw the older horses taking a snooze near the homestead barn.

Here I am, mounted on Cash… He is VERY tall. I am not.

ON the trail! Hubby is up in front with the lighter blue shirt and wide brimmed straw hat.  the sky is a little smoky from all of the fires out here on the West side of the country.

One of my favorite parts of the initial rides… the Snake river below. Love it!

The introductory ride on Monday’s is easy and short – just get get back into the feel… Here is Cash with the wrangler.  He is a handsome boy, raised on the ranch.  Yes, his breast collar goes to nowhere underneath.  He doesn’t need that part.

Here we are with our first Barnie of the season. Cash is a very good (tall) boy.



HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!