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Day 4. Glorious. No smoke in the sky, perfect temperatures and an ALL DAY ride. Sigh.

Thursday at the R Lazy S Ranch.  Such a glorious ride hosted by our fabulous wrangler, Rob.  He sings, he wrangles and he takes us places that we have never ventured before.

Today we rode all day… had lunch at an old ranch called, Sky Ranch.  (The Park Service is redoing the entire ranch… the new decking and facing were beautiful.). Then we went back a totally new way, through forests and rivers… just glorious.  Every type of terrain.

I love my horse.  Cash is the very best.  Today he got apples and carrots at lunch.


This is me… I had so many layers with me (7 in total, including the yellow rain slicker on my saddle), that I never look the same in any shot. So, just look for the tallest (most handsome) horse and I’m the one on him.

This was our lunch spot at the Sky Ranch. You can barely see Rob in the distance.

Cash giving me ‘cookie face’ – begging for another carrot.


Isn’t this glorious?!!! Open fields forever in the Teton National park! I’m second from left in black.

Here we are at lunch on the deck of an old ranch house called, Sky Ranch. Fran our friend from Grass Valley, Sandy and Tom in front from Alabama, I’m in the way back with Rob the wrangler.

Here we are again, making our way through the tall grass.

Up on a ridge… overlooking the valley. In the front is Adam and then Fran (our friends from Grass Valley), then me in white – I’ve shed some layers – then Sandy and Tom, our friends from Alabama. (Hubby was on a different ride today.)

Another view from the ridge…

Cash, contemplating the best part of the river for his drink.

Happy, happy me and Cash at the end of the ride. We are on the dike near the R Lazy S Ranch (and the Snake River).

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First it was thunder, then rain… then rain thunder lightening and… HAIL! What an amazing ride today!

OK so Hubby and I are cozy in bed at noon… with the fire going and our clothes drying by any heat source possible.  (We are at the fabulous R Lazy S Ranch this week!)

Yes, we wore slickers/rain gear.  Yes, we knew it would be raining… yes, we are soaked!

But, we are so happy!  It was a great ride!  Our Wrangler was very adventurous (while keeping us safe) and had us racing through single tracks in the forest – to keep us as dry as possible – and we loped through non-dusty fields (since the rain dampened the soils) and we trotted and grinned the rest of the way.  We felt like real Wyoming horsemen.  Wet, sassy and wild.

I love my horse, Cash.  He is so chill.  He’s also very tall.  So, when we go through water (the Snake River), I can pull up my legs and stay dry.  His lope is very long, so we can keep a slow, even canter while everyone else is working much harder.   And his trot is awesome.   Of course, there are many great horses here… lots of different horse personalities for all the different human personalities who ride here.

Anyway, after our morning ride… which was supposed to be a breakfast ride but it was too wet to eat outside… we came in for our fabulous breakfast!   Yum!  They make the best food!  I think it is the little flavor twists in everything that make it so good.  My fruit salad was fresh and lovely and had something sprinkled on it – I still cannot identify the flavor (mint?) but it was awesomely fresh tasting.  Yesterday, I had a beet salad that had apple and gorgonzola cheese.  Perfect.  Those little touches make everything so special.

OK, anyway again, so this morning’s ride was also supposed to be the ‘photo’ ride.  You are supposed to wear your ‘photo’ outfit, kinda like school picture day.  Because of this, I was in my shorter rain jacket instead of my bright yellow, huge, rain slicker.  And, because of my choice here, I ended up getting DRENCHED.  Which is fine… when I was still on my warm horse.  But after I got off… oyyyiyiiiii, it was cold!   My gloves you could wring out.

But, there are lots of fires everywhere (good ones) and we are now snuggled in our bed, under a Pendleton blanket, in front of our churning wood stove.


Here are some pics.  I forgot my phone so I didn’t take any pics during the ride which is a shame  because it was glorious.


I took this after our ride, during a brief period of no rain.

This was last night. I was walking around after dinner and saw these two looking right at me.

So I walked closer and they were still looking right at me.

Aren’t they cute?! They were in last night because they were getting shoes in the morning. They were totally sweet and engaged with me. I petted them.

As I walked around to the other side of the corrals, THERE THEY WERE! Both of them had ran around to follow me. So, of course, I had to pet them again. (The white one was keeping another horse from coming over and getting some pets.)

This is the fire in our cabin after our very wet and wild ride this morning!

This is my improvised drying rack using the bathroom electric heater…



HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!