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Hubby and Rose, Adam and Joe, Dawn and Cash. How the sticker was won.

So, when I was at the R Lazy S Ranch, our team won the Team Penning!

We got a sticker.

Here are pics of all of us during Team Penning.

Me and Cash

Hubby and Rose. She was a big girl…

Adam and Joe. They love each other.

They said I looked like a Villian from a Western… ha! Goode Rider gear!

Hubby and Rose – preparing.

A great run!

Me and my boy, Cash – afterwards… happy.

Our prize!

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Happy Friday! All the horsey vacation photos I didn’t post before! Sigh. Such a great time was had by all!

As you all know, I was at the R Lazy S Ranch for 7 days a few weeks ago.  Sigh.  Such a great time…  (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  5 STAR, not expensive, all inclusive, beautiful, fabulous, DO IT!)

While I was blogging from the R Lazy S,  you all probably heard me grumble about the internet access.  Well, to be fair, there was ample internet access for emails and texts, etc… but on purpose, and for good reason, the ranch limits huge data.  The reason?  We are there to commune with the Tetons, horses, each other and nature – not download movies and focus on our devices.

So, I wasn’t really grumbling about the internet access.  I’m thrilled that the kids and adults here are NOT focused on their devices.  I was just grumbling that it was tough to post all the pics I wanted to post for you all – while I was there…  But, I can post them now!


Such a cutie.

The glorious first morning.

The view from the corrals.

Me n Hubby. Hubby’s best friend is standing on Cash’s ear… The owner of R Lazy S, Kelly, is right on Hubby’s leg (in the blue vest).  Hubby is back on Rosie this year!

Our first ride near the canal.

The second morning

A ride through the forests.

Ont he third day, we started breaking away and riding per our fancies. I got to go on a solo ride with Kristin the Wrangler! We went far and wide!

The next day it rained – which was wonderful! We love riding in the rain! This is Fran, our friend from Grass Valley.

Adam took this dramatic photos.

My clothes were soaked! My gloves are on the bathroom heater!

The rain cleared.

Fran on Coral. Tom on Nic. Adam on a mare he loved but I forget her name. Bad me!  He only got her for one day.

Again through the forests.

Wrangler Rob helping us with our big coats.

Me, chewing… against the beautiful Sky Ranch.

Adam (on Joe) and Fran in front of me at Sky Ranch meadow. The meadow is HUGE.

Me waving at Adam on my very tall (and wonderful) horse, Cash.

A beautiful evening. I walked around by myself while everyone was at the cookout.

I saw this doe.

The next day was Team Penning. So. Much. Fun! That’s me, Hubby and Adam. We were a team.

And we WON again this year!

This was an amazing ride…

Over Joe’s ears.

Cash drinking wild water.

The horses (80 of them) going into their night pasture.

I was sitting in a porch swing when I took this.

One of the beautiful, fat and well trained horses in their (huge) night pasture.

Me on our last ride… out in the middle of nowhere. I could just hear The Good, The Bad and The Ugly music.

Me loving up Cash on our last ride.

The last evening. That doe reappeared.

As we left Wyoming, the skies darkened.

 It was all beautiful.  Go.  If you can, go.

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!