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PUPPY UPDATE! They are so dang cuuuute!

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018 | Filed under PUPPIES!

It has been a week since we collected these little hooligans!  Total  mutts.  Mom is a Walker Coonhound.  Dad was probably a lab/pit mix, but no one knows for sure.  “The neighbor has a black dog, I think he’s a Lab…”.

Taking photos of these girls is like trying to catch a whirlwind.  Unless they are totally sleeping, everything is in motion.


Vivey is the smaller, more fierce little girl.  She probably was the runt because she is much smaller than Violet.  Her face reminds me of a flying fox.  But she acts like an otter.  Her favorite thing to do is roll on her back and chew on something, holding it like an otter.

She is more reserved and less demanding.  But she she becomes upset with Violet, Vivey’s bark is very high pitched and her bite is fierce!  Luckily, all I have to say is, “STOP THAT”, and she does, thank doggods.

Vivey is much smaller than Violet. She also is more petite in build. Her shoulders are slim and she has a longer muzzle. I also see some fine dappling on her back legs. That dappling, and Violet’s jaw, make me think there was Pit in the Dad.

She looks like a flying fox with socks to me… (Large Australian Fruit bat.)

This is her ‘otter’ move. She loves to lay on her back with something in her mouth, and hold your hand tight with her puppy mitts.


Violet is all love and silly puppiness.  She is big and chunky and solid.  She is built like a Lab, but has bowed back legs like a Pit.  Her jaw is also square, like a pit.  But she has the markings of her Mama and she is also very, very sweet.

When the girls wrestle, generally Violet will roll over and let Vivey win.  She knows she is bigger.

She is colored like a Hound, but she is much more stout.

She loves to jump into your arms or lap. A very affectionate puppy.


So, the cats have been making themselves scarce except for Floppy.  She is such a confident ham.   Puppies don’t scare her.  I’m counting on Floppy and Baguerra to train these little girls.

What is THAT?!

Safe meet and greet.

Then the What For. (Good Kitty!).  You can see the size and shape difference here.  Violet is big, stout and thick.  Vivey is very petite.

Vivey’s unpermitted trench work. Hubby was not happy.  You can barely see her brindling here.

Little Vivey standing on her stout sister in their Christmas sweaters.

And this is what they do all day, when they aren’t sleeping or eating.


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