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PROBLEM SOLVED! PORTABLE HOT WATER TO THE HORSES (or camping or showing or wherever!!)!! LOOK what I found!!

As you all know, I have been bemoaning all the wonderful conveniences that I left behind in Grass Valley…  a big one being – hot water near the horses…

I cannot mix hot mashes or melt pills or wash anyone… or get hot soapy water.  All that stuff that I took for granted.

But LOOK what I found!!!  I think this is an incredible product!  Eccotemp Portable Tankless Water Heater

I can put this on a dolly (or Hubby can do that for me) and I can keep it set up and roll it around to any washing station I need. Or, put it near the feeding station… so many options. I just love this! Saves my day!

You can set it up on a dolly to roll around – or you can mount it to a wall or fence! No electricity needed!


THIS IS what we are going to do… set it up on a dolly so we can move it around.

Isn’t this a great idea?!  Oh My Gosh I am so excited to have mine!  It works on a propane tank, which we always have around here anyway… and most people have these when camping or showing.

Finally, I can have hot water outside – anywhere!

Here is the website.  They are on sale right now!  I see that they were $219 and now they are $179!  Even though the company is in Canada, they have a way of shipping very cost effectively to the US – it wasn’t expensive at all.

On the wall…

On a post!

In a stall

On the fence!

In an exterior washing area or at the fairgrounds

Hooked onto your trailer!


I found this review and it sold me on the product.  They even have a video!

Click to read full review

Click image to view video

EccoTemp L5 – A portable, tankless propane hot water heater

How do you stay clean on your outdoor adventures? I’m sure all of us have that moment when we “could really use a hot shower” to clean off – whether that’s at the campsite, on the road, at the cabin, or even in the yard after a day of hard and dirty work. For those times, and many others, you should consider the EccoTemp L5.

The EccoTemp L5 is a tankless hot water heater that runs off propane, 2 “D” batteries and running water from a hose (it can even run off a 12v pump!). Being tankless it offers instant hot water – up to 18 hours of it on a standard propane tank for any time you need to get clean. We were sent this portable shower to review by and are glad we said yes. Let’s take a look at the features and then talk about what we think.


  • 37 500 BTU
  • up to 1.4 gallons of hot water per minute
  • Minimum flow of 0.4 gallons/minute
  • 30 to 35 °F rise at 1.4 gallons per minute (more with a lower flow)
  • Electric Ignition (run by 2 “D” cell batteries (sold separately))
  • Adjustable temperature from 80 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 1/2? NPT water fittings plumb easily into standard American fittings
  • Adapter attaches to any standard garden house.
  • Shower nozzle with on and off switch
  • Heat deflector
  • Equipped with a carry handle for easy transportation
  • Includes hose and regulator for attaching to standard LP tank
  • Works for about 18 hours on an average barbecue 20-pound propane tank
  • 20 minute auto safety shut off timer (in case you forget to turn it off)
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14.5? tall (18? with rain cap) X 11.5? wide X 4.5? deep
  • $179.99 CAD at (Ships to Canada and the USA)

What it’s good for:

The Eccotemp L5 is designed to provide portable and instant hot water, meaning it’s ideal for:

  • Cabins
  • Travel trailers
  • Camping
  • outdoor showering at home
  • cleaning pets
  • cleaning vehicles
  • anywhere else that you need a quick and portable hot water source

It’s designed to hang off a nail or screw and connects to a standard hose. It even comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry.

What do we think?

We were impressed at the ease of setup and how well it worked. One of the benefits/side effects/downsides of having a farm is that the kids get filthy playing in the dirt. We’re fine with that, but it means that they either tramp dirt into the bathroom or face the cold water of the outdoor hose. Thanks to this tankless setup the kids can clean off outside comfortably, leaving the bathrooms (and the path to them) clean and mud free.

The two valves that control water flow and temperature make it easy to set the temperature you want. When set to the lowest flow and hottest temperature it is at times too hot – and still has enough flow to shower comfortably in. At full flow you’ll still get comfortably warm water as well.

Eccotemp designed this shower to not need a pilot light. There’s no open flame when the shower is not in use. When you flip the switch and turn on the shower head, the water pressure turns on the gas flow and the igniter. You’ll hear the tick tick tick woosh of the propane running and will almost immediately feel the heat. The igniter keeps running until the flame ignites – a great (and safe) system that is common on all tankless systems that you’ll see today.

We lived in South America for a few years and pretty much all hot water is supplied by tankless systems due to its efficiency and economy. Why heat water that you don’t need? This L5 model purportedly will give you 18 hours of hot showers based on a single 20 lb propane tank. That’ll last you an entire summer.

This would make a great off-the-grid setup for your cabin too!


Not everyone’s idea of an outdoor shower is a crisp mountain waterfall. For those of us that need a portable source of hot water, check out the Eccotemp L5 at We’re looking forward to taking it camping this summer – the kids already love it and I know a few friends who might just be coaxed into the great outdoors with the promise of a hot shower at the end of the day.

What do you think of this setup? Could you make use of one of these at home or on the road? Let us know in the comments below.

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So, remember last week when I said that if you have a great product that you manufacture or have a great ‘find’ that you use and love, to tell me?…

Well, I received 3 items from a reader.  She represents EQUI COOL DOWN.  The items are rapid cool down towels, blankets and wraps for horses and for humans.

OK, so I told her that I would diligently use the products, but would not guarantee a review unless I really loved them…

Click image to go to the website.


I only used the human products, but I am going to purchase more human products AND the neck wrap/leg wraps for my older horses, for sure.

Here’s why –

— Really easy to use

–They work really well

These are the items I received, plus the booklet. I have a beanie, a towel (they loved) and a head/neck band which I loved and so did my farrier.


It is hot here.  Africa hot.  I hate to go outside after 11am.  This makes me sad.  You see, if I go out in the heat and work, I generally feel like throwing up once I’m done.    I lay on my bed like a fish and gasp for air.

Can you imagine how your horse feels after working in the heat?  Oy.  Or just standing around in the heat.  Ugh.

OK, so what I did was pass these items around to our friends who were staying for the weekend and wanted to go to the Fair.  The last thing we wanted to do was go to the dusty MidState Fair in 104 degree weather…

But we went.  I could not think of a better, more miserable testing ground…

I had the neck/head band, my friend had the towel and her daughter wore the beanie.

OHMYGOSH I cannot tell you how well they worked – it was unbelievable!  All you do is wet them, wring them out and wave or snap them in the air.  That’s it.  Put them on and they felt icy cold for a long time.  Once the items returned to room temperature, we’d just snap them again and they were good as new!  If the product started to dry out, we’d pop into a bathroom and re-wet them, wring them and snap!

SAVED us!  We were totally comfortable walking around the hot, dusty Fair.

Unbelievable.  I could have sold a million of them at the Fair.  Everyone who saw it – wanted it.  I wore my neck/headband under my hat, so I know it would fit under a helmet. Same with the beanie.

My friends would not part with the towel and beanie – they took the items home with them.

So now I only have the head/neckband… except… I gave that to my farrier today.   I am ordering more!

Cathy has on the beanie and the towel, Alice is wearing my neck/headband. Just wet, wring, snap and go! So awesome!


So, I am fairly certain these items would be GREAT for working horses.  Or just standing horses who have to endure heat.  Or, older horses who have a tough time in the heat.  There are several different types of equine products – leg, neck, body… click here to learn more.

Today the farrier came and I had him try my neck/head band.  He was skeptical … but he LOVED it.  I had to give it to him, he loved it so much.  And, I figured he deserved it after trimming 7 or my horses in this heat.

The farrier came today and he tested my neckband. He would not give it back. It is now his.

HOW TO GET YOURS! – AND A 10% COUPON! (no affiliation or kickbacks!)

*THE COUPON CODE HAS BEEN FIXED!   YOU GET 15% OFF OFF YOUR  PURCHASE AND 5% OF ALL SALES GO TOWARDS THE BUCKET FUND!  IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES, OR NEED RETROACTIVE COUPONS FROM EARLIER TODAY, here is the contact information (From Equi Cool Down):  Please have them contact me directly with any issues. 904-710-5560. My work email is messed up and I am working from my iphone. My personal email is When it rains it pours. Be assured I will make everything right!

The wonderful reader who works closely with the company and contacted me – said that if I liked the product and reviewed it, she would offer a discount to Horse and Man readers!


I recommend that you get the human neck/head band or the towel – so inexpensive for such heat relief!   My friend loved the towel because it had more surface area (you could use any type of chipbag clip or safety pin to keep it around your neck).  I liked the neckband.  So did my farrier.

For horses, I would start with the neckwrap, but the body wrap look amazing for a working horse or older horse.  I’m pretty sure any horse would love any product.

Click here to go to the website and see the options on available products.

If you use this code at checkout for a 15% coupon!: “”, and 5% of all sales will be donated to the Bucket Fund:


So inexpensive for such great relief! Click to go to website

Click image for the horse products!


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