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I don’t own tall English boots… but I wish I did.  I like the way they look.  I’d like to learn to ride (maybe) a jumper or hunter or dressage horse.  I love to watch these kinds of events and I marvel at the beautiful clothes…

So imagine my surprise when I was in Las Vegas on our way home from Wyoming, when a musician friend (who has no horse association) mentioned to me that their friend started a ‘boot crown’ company (in Vegas).

Me:  “What is a boot crown?”

Friend:  “I’m not sure, but it goes on English boots – you know, for horses.”

Me:  “Uhh, I’m not picturing it… send me the website.”

And he did.

Boot crowns.

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Here is what the website said:

Boot Crowns are designed by two dressage aficionados, Patrica and Edie for English riders of all disciplines.

They are proudly made in the USA by real leather craftsmen. Each pair is unique, made completely by hand using the finest materials and assembly techniques. 

I hunted all over the website and I think they would be open to any design.

Here is all the contact information and the FB PAGE.

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11689 W. Wigwam Ave
Blue Diamond, Nevada 89161
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(702) 355-7769
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Typically replies within a day
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The two of us — Patricia and Edie — we’re often asked the same question: How did you get the idea for Boot Crowns?

It’s a great question! We got the idea for what we now call Boot Crowns (new equestrian accessory) in March of 2017 at the FEI World Cup in Omaha, NE. We are both big equestrian fans and dressage riders and so we went to Omaha to see Isabel Werth, Laura Graves along with major Jumper riders perform at the highest level.

In addition to the world class riding, the shopping was fabulous! While I was buying some new custom boots with options for the embellishment at the top of the boot, like many others I faced the prospect of spending a lot of money on riding boot decorations – then hating the result or having it quickly go out of style.

While I was hemming and hawing, Pattie looked at a sample ring of decoration materials, colors and other options and had the incredible idea to make swapable “tops” that could work with virtually any boot. A concept and company was born! We went home to Las Vegas with lots of ideas and thoughts about how a product like “swapable boot tops” for a new equestrian accessory category could work.

We researched, and then created/tested several product prototypes and learned along the way. We worked with some artisans that we liked, but nothing was quite perfect. We went through 5+ generations of prototypes before we landed where we are today. We knew that we had to have a manufacturer that could scale to good volume while maintaining the highest level of quality, and we insisted on a “Made in the USA” product. But we got there — in October 2017, we finalized the design and selected vendors for the designs you see today. Boot Crowns are a new product category in the Horse Accessory and Equestrian Accessory for Custom Boots markets.

Here are just some of the discoveries and decisions we made along the way:

  • Left and right Boot Crowns with a pronounced “dip” for the Spanish top and to enable the rider to be able to bend their knee

  • Purple suede as our signature branding

  • Adjustable clip and velcro closure for use in all English riding disciplines

  • “Wave” design with the lower line of the Boot Crown mirroring the upper line

  • Initial designs with something for everyone — and seemingly almost too large embellishments that work best at a distance, as we repeated to ourselves “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”

We think our story is fun and interesting. We’ve been friends since college, and now we are business partners, scratching our itch to create innovative products and hang out with our horses. Much more to come!

Edie and Patricia


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Great ways to ID your horse and his tack! (Your Dog, too!) I.C.E. products! (no affiliation)

Living in fire country, I have often written about ways to ID your horse in moments – so that in an Emergency, you are ready!

I wanted to refresh you all about these products because they’ve added Emergency ICE ID tags  for DOGS as well as personalized lead ropes (you can pick your own length, snap and end piece!), halters and saddle covers.

Click to go to the website!

EMERGENCY ID OPTIONS for Equines! (Mane Stay, Ultra Lite, Halter ID tags..)

What I love about the ICE website is that they include tons of great tips to prepare for emergencies.  Clearly, they’ve been there and done that around this – and have listened to their customer stories and suggestions!

MANE STAY:  I love the Mane Stay.  Easy. Fast.   I have these.

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I have these.


ULTRA LITE:  I see that they have an ULTRA LITE now.  I have not tried it, but I can see how some people would like it because the Ultra Lite takes even less time due to the carabiner.

Click to go to the website

HALTER ID TAGS:  Some might prefer the Halter ID tags… These halters come in many colors and they are breakaway.

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PERSONALIZED (pick your own snap, popper, color, length), EMBROIDERED LEAD ROPE.

I don’t have one of these lead ropes, but it looks like a great idea.  (click here) I’d love to be able to choose the snap, color, length and popper style.  I know that most people prefer the polyester rope, but I prefer cotton, even if it does get knots.  I just prefer the feel in my hands.

I could see how this would be PERFECT for a boarding barn application!!

Pick your color, length, snap and popper – and of course, the embroidery.

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The newest product is for your Dog!  Canine ICE ID tags!  Click here.

Click here to go to the website.


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!