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BEST birthday gift to myself! Maybe you need it, too?!

Around my birthday in June, I had some extra money – and some extra baggage, if  you know what I mean.

I don’t want to go into the boring details, but suffice to say, the move here from our perfectly tricked-out horse property in Grass Valley, my career adjustments and this spat of poor health – had been playing havoc on my daily joy.

I’ve given myself all the pep talks imaginable.  I’ve cleansed and meditated, I’ve re-read all of my self-help books and tapes, I told myself that every day was a do-over, I ate right, spent time with my horses… but no matter what I did, I was stuck.  I knew I was stuck.  My usual arsenal, my bag of tricks, was failing me.

In short, I felt a heaviness.  It wasn’t that I was unhappy, it was more that I felt the weight of my life.

How was I going to ‘fix’ it all?  How would I move into the incredible lightness of true ‘being’?


Let’s rewind for a second…  Have you heard the new term, “Life Coach”?  I had – and I always kinda shirked it off…  What the heck is Life Coaching?  To me, it sounded like someone who simply cheers you on – like a paid YesMan.  Sure, I can get anyone to say anything if I pay them…

That’s what I thought.  Clearly, I didn’t pay it much respect when I heard the term.

Fast forward to my birthday… We are at the Ranch, and I heard someone say that someone there was doing Life Coaching.

Hmmmm.  I really liked this person.  I didn’t know him well, but well enough to know that I really liked him.  “He’s doing Life Coaching?!”  It made me take note… if he is doing it, maybe I got this wrong…

Then, something inside me blurted aloud, “I need Life Coaching!”  And in that moment,  I actually pushed back my chair, got up and sought out this Life Coach person.

Me:  (tapping Will on his shoulder) Um, I hear you do Life Coaching…

Will:  Yes!

Me:  (blurting again) I need help, big time!  I’m stuck.  Can you help me with that?

Will:  If you are ready, I’m ready.

Me:  I’m more than ready, believe me.  I’m sick of carrying around this baggage.  Here’s my contact info.  Let’s chat when this week is over.  (This is key… as with anything, I think you have to be ripe and ready.)

And so we did.


OK, so I did it for only 4 phone sessions – and I will tell you that it was incredible money spent.

Here’s the deal… he isn’t just a yesman paid to be in your corner, cheering you on.  Instead, he’s a trained LISTENER.   I mean, how many people in your life actually LISTEN and take notes on what you have said… so that they can then pinpoint your stuck areas and help you find your new direction?!  He is trained to hear when you do that thing that you do to yourself.  Trained to hear when you fall into your patterns.  Trained to hear when you are not acting/speaking for your better good.

But so much better than a therapist who just says, “And how did that make you feel?” baloney…

This person, Will, turns right around and helps figure out a way to move past the awkward weirdnesses we all give ourselves and move on.  And what is really interesting, is that I didn’t feel vulnerable at all.  I felt cared for and protected, but also mirrored and pulled forward.

He works through it with you, all the while encouraging you and finding solutions (not like vague therapists where you spend an hour and walk out crying or confused or pissed).  I didn’t feel embarrassed when my issues were revealed.  Instead, it felt like I was doing a great Spring Cleaning.  ‘Well, I don’t need THAT anymore.  Best to toss it.  Next…’

And, I WAS TOTALLY WRONG about the paid cheerleader idea.  YES, he is paid to coach you, but like any good coach, sometimes training is tough.  A great coach always holds the trainee’s heart softly in his hand.  It is like being motivated by someone who won’t let you ‘do it to yourself’ or ‘not be your best’ – but still keeps you totally revved up and in the game.  A good coach feels like he is always in your corner, but he sees where you could improve and motivates you to get it done –  To reach that goal, whatever it may be.

I’m in shock and awe at how much we achieved in 4 hours (plus some observation homework).  I think Will is a natural coach.  Like maybe he’s being coached while he’s coaching you, if you know what I mean…

YOU SHOULD DO THIS.  If it feels right, please go for it!

You should do this.  If it at all resonates with you – DO IT.

I am feeling so much better, so much more alive, so much more in awareness of my stuff… I feel really strong in where I’m headed… and I’m very grateful that I blurted out those words back at the ranch.

Do this.  If you need it, go for it.  I’m so glad I did.

And, he is very affordable – shocker of shocks!  I could actually afford this.  I think he is a screaming deal.  The real thing.   What a gift.

One of the best things I have ever done for myself.

CONTACT INFO (no affiliation or kickbacks or any of that kind of thing.)

Will Stirn

If you do this, you don’t have to tell me anything about it… but I’d LOVE to hear of your happiness.



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“Behind the Scenes” pics from the upcoming Mustang movie, CHASING WILD.

I’ve been following the production of a mustang movie called, CHASING WILD, on FB.

I don’t know anything about the movie… but what attracted me was, of course, the marriage of my two favorite things:  production and horses.  (For those of you who are new to the blog, I was a commercial producer for a very long time.  Loved it!)

Today, the CHASING WILD Facebook post was a “behind the scenes” album of stills.  There were many more that I didn’t choose, only because I had to limit my take here… so go look at this page to see them all.

I will say, I love the photography… and the horses they picked (or were given or they adopted, I don’t know) look very robust and fine.

Here we go!  Click here to see all the ‘behind the scenes’ pics.

Chasing Wild added 119 new photos from March 18, 2018 to the album: Behind The Scenes — with Matt Katsolis and Byron Hogan at Colorado.
March 18, 2018 ·

Photography by Robert Snow

(All the comments on these photos are mine – not from anyone connected with the film.)

A lovely tack room.

This looks like a meeting of the ‘above the line’ people. (I have no idea, just surmising.)

Some of the gorgeous horses.

Nice shot.

Pretty… I loved his jacket! Later we will see the guy in the water who took this shot.

This looks like a script ‘read through’.

I put this in because it is such a typical production shot. These key people are all looking at the playback monitors. Probably the director, DP, makeup/wardrobe, lighting/grip and producer…

Very pretty shot… Note the heavy gyro gear on these two cameramen. You’ve probably heard of steadicam. These rigs allow the cameramen to hold the cameras level and follow the action.  The rigs are heavy and cumbersome.

This is a guy from the sound department, handing our comms – headsets to listen to the action. Or he is handing out batteries for the comms.. I love this horse!

And here he is again! Nosing one of the cameras.

Gorgeous shot.

Another amazing shot of the wild horses coming off of the truck for the first time.


I think the story involved boys without mentors… or boys that need direction or a purpose. Here I had to put this shot in because this camera operator is STANDING ON A LADDER, with one foot on the panel and maneuvering his rig (and very expensive camera) as he dangles over into the round pen.

Another gorgeous shot.

I loved this for the choice of reds on this barn. Note the Chimera white roof that diffuses the light. I wonder why the boom guy has a scarf around his mouth in almost every shot…?  They shoot 2 cameras for most scenes so they have two angles to cut between when editing.  Solves lots of later issues…

This shot cracked me up. It looks to me to be an early scout. Like when no one really knew what to wear – yet. Or, it is the production people, who rarely leave the motorhome, having to take a scout. Not sure, but the last guy has the walkie so I’m guessing he is the location scout.

Gorgeous. This was shot in Colorado.

I was trying to figure this out… it looks like some sort of camera car rig.

Guys messing with the drone as they were losing the light. Either they were getting it ready for a final shot of the day, or they were putting it away.

A long lens shot… very far away. Gorgeous! Hard to believe the boom can pick up audio from that far away, right?!

OK, so here is the camera car rig set up. They’ve chosen a super ATV and mounted everything they need on the front or the back, depending.

I loved this shot because you see the guy holding the shiny board to bounce light onto the horse and rider… and then the underwater camera rig and operator. He looks happy. Underwater photography is a tough job. Often they wear weights to keep them under the water. Lots of times they wear air tanks. Most underwater camera boxes are yellow.

Aha! Here we see the camera mounts on the camera car rig. They had these on the front and back so they could catch all of the tracking shots of the horses and riders moving quickly.



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Blaze the day of his injury and the next day, after surgery.

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