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DOES YOUR HORSE EAT ONLY HAY/SUPPLEMENTS? NO ACCESS TO GREEN GRASS, like mine? Well, they most probably need Vitamin E (I didn’t know…) Read this and see.

A few months ago, we helped two horses who were suffering a great Vitamin E deficiency.  Remember?   Chatterbox and Blue.

Well… I got to thinking… I had a mastiff who passed from an elusive muscle disease when he was still a puppy.  After the necropsy, it was determined that he had a Vitamin E deficiency.  And, if we had determined that in time, we could have helped him.


Why wasn’t this on my vet’s radar?  I figured it was rare or a fluke or… dunno.

But then when I heard about Chatterbox and Blue, I did research on Vitamin E deficiency – and I thought I’d pull you all in on what I discovered.

My Norma and Dodger are elderly with Cushings… I just purchased Vitamin E for them.

BRIEFLY, I WILL STATE WHAT I THINK after doing some reading (I have a great article in the next section.)

Here is what I have determined for my horses:

  1.  Vitamin E is sourced through green grass.  Most grass hay only has remnants of Vitamin E when it is fresh.  The longer the hay sits, the less the Vitamin E.
  2.  As a horse ages, Vitamin E helps with ‘older horse’ diseases like Cushings.
  3.  Young horses who may have a genetic tendency to not absorb E well, benefit from supplementation.
  4.  Often Vitamin E deficiency is misdiagnosed as a muscle wasting disease.  And, muscle wasting disease protocol is often large doses of Vitamin E
  5.  You cannot overdose your horse on Vitamin E
  6.  HOWEVER, you can overdose your horse on Selenium… and Vitamin E and Selenium are often together.  Your horse may need selenium, but the amount of Vitamin E with the selenium is not much of a benefit… so best to dose these two separately.  Or to add E separately so as not to overload the selenium
  7.  Read the label!  For Vitamin E to be stabilized and actually work for your horse, it has to go through a few processes (which makes it more expensive).  Look for the words, “Alpha-Tocopherol Acetate” which means it is stabilized.
  8.  If your horse is already showing neurological signs of Vitamin E deficiency, you can help them but it is not curable or reversible at that point.  So, dose them NOW, before you see signs.

This is what I purchased – and where for the best price today – upon the recommendation of Darla from Strawberry Mountain Mustangs who rescued and treated Chatterbox and Blue.


I found several articles on Vitamin E for horses, but I thought this short, succinct article written by for Holistic Horse was the easiest to understand.

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“MY HORSE IS CARB SENSITIVE, ISN’T HE?…” Cushings, PPID, Insulin Resistance, “Easy Keepers”, etc and NUTRITION. How to help your Carb Sensitive horse!

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“MY HORSE IS CARB SENSITIVE, ISN’T HE?…”  Cushings, PPID, Insulin Resistance, “Easy Keepers”, etc and NUTRITION.  How to help your Carb Sensitive horse!

Mama Tess was IR, Cushings and a bunch of other things that made her very sensitive to Carbohydrates.  I was constantly monitoring her food so that nothing would aggravate her condition.


So, I was asked by Standlee Nutrition if I wanted to join a seminar on carb sensitivity in horses.

Well, I’m not a great fan of webinars – sitting in front of my computer for an hour, trying not to be distracted –  but I knew that I should, so I could learn as much as possible about these conditions.  I’m sure Gwen (MT’s first foal) will develop some sort of sugar issues as she advances in age… and Dodger already has Cushings.  I figured it would be good for me to watch.

So I did!

And… I was surprised.  The information wasn’t just an overview, it went into detail about all the different diseases associated with carb intake, NSC, how grass is grown for hay, ways to test for sugars, methods of reducing sugars, physical signs of horses in the danger zone… I thought it was informative, easy to understand and worth the time spent.

So, I asked if I could share the webinar with you… and they told me that they had just uploaded it to their website.

Yay!  You all can benefit!

*The Equine Carb Sensitivity video is on the Standlee website, but the video doesn’t push their feed or direct you to their site with offers and coupons.  In fact, much to my dismay, Standlee doesn’t produce a ‘low carb’ feed.  So, this webinar is not a sales pitch – it is education.

**Also, the website techs put up the actual video of the presentation instead of the Power Point within the video.  So, there you will have to listen to some webinar  ‘blah blah’ up front and here and there which doesn’t apply to someone watching after the fact…

But, all in all, a very nice overview of the issues associated with Equine Carb sensitivity.

I think it is very worth the time to watch if you have any suspicion – or if your horse is an ‘easy keeper’.

Click here to watch the Equine Carb Sensitivity Video!

Click to watch the video!


Again, the link to the webinar video is here.


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