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The RESULTS of the Omega Fields Products Trial! Our Judges: Finn, BG and Wrigley! (BG HAS NO HIVES!!)

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 | Filed under Nutrition

A while back I wrote that I had received product from Omega Fields.  I had never used their products, so I asked you all your thoughts.  If you’d like to read that story, click here.

OK< fast forward since I started using HORSESHINE with Finn, BG and Wrigley – March 1.

Well… I have to say, after 10 weeks (Yes, I even purchased more to keep the trial going), I am thrilled with how BG looks, and very happy with Finn and Wrigley’s summer coat!

This is what was sent to me to try… I used the Horseshine on Finn, BG and Wrig.


I’M MOST IMPRESSED for BG.  I cannot believe she has no hives!  Amazing.  BG has had constant hives for months.  The vets have given her antihistamine and steroidal meds (which don’t work) and I’ve given her all kinds of supplements…  But look at her now!  Hiveless.  She is so happy – (for her… BG doesn’t show extreme happiness unless she is being fussed over and loved upon.  She is a very serious girl  But that face, is happy!)

So I read through the ingredients and product material.  Interesting that Essential Fatty Acids help reduce the inflammation from Midge bites… it sounds like a stretch – but it is working, so I’m not going to argue!

Here is BG tonight. No hives! She is dappled, fat and happy! Finally.

Previously, she had ribs of hives that went all around her body. We knew it was an allergic reaction, but even equine anti-histamines did not work. Or steroids. Or any other natural product that I had tried so far.

From the Website:

FINN AND WRIGLEY ARE SMOOTH AND DAPPLED – and I love that HorseShine fights sand colic!

Finn and Wrigley are smooth and dappled, which they usually are… but since Equion closed down (my usual supplement provider – and I’m so sad), I had to find another and I think I really like this Horseshine.

Besided the stablized flax, I also like the “Omega Horseshine® is also a nutritious alternative for pysllium husks to help prevent sand colic. Omega Horseshine® contains a high mucilage (soluble fiber) content that swells and takes a gel-like consistency, flax mucilage traps and suspends sand, carrying it out of the GI tract. Omega Horseshine® acts to buffer excess acid and aids in the stabilization and modulation of blood glucose.”

I add psyllium powder to their diet for one week a month.   But, I have heard that the gut becomes familiar with psyllium after a while and is less effective.  So this might be a nice alternating feed for sand colic…

Finn is fat, happy and dappled. (He threw his hay out of his feeder… I didn’t miss.) Finn is 19 now.

Wrigley has a few winter hairs left, but he is sleek, dappled and happy. Tough to take pics of him because he is always THIS CLOSE.


I have tried so many supplements to try to help BG and her hives.  This is the only one that has really, truly helped her.  And, they all have nice Spring coats.  So, I think it is a winner!  For me, I will keep using it with these three.  If you purchase the through SmartPak, they have free shipping.

Here they are in the big field tonight (mostly just weeds left – but they still enjoy it). All three are dappled and look shiny!  (BG next to fence, Finn looking at me, Wrigley walking over to me.)


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PLEASE tell me if you have used OMEGA FIELDS PRODUCTS! LOOK what they sent to me!

Sunday, February 24th, 2019 | Filed under Nutrition

Well… The horses and I received a surprise gift box today with 4 different products from Omega Fields, plus a reusable bag!   I had never heard of this company, Omega Fields.  So, I looked them up.

FLAX!  It is all about human grade flax seed!  The more I read about the products shipped, the more I am excited to try them – because I CAN try them!  Yep, they sent a Human version of the Flax supplement for me, too!  Very smart people!

Wow! A goody bag for the horses AND ME! Products I didn’t order but am really excited to try! I love flax for myself and I know it does wonders for horses if processed correctly.


I received the Horseshine (flax supplement), Nibblers (treat supplement), Mega Omega (for humans) and Proventum digestive aid.

My huge surprise box! I had not heard of Omega Fields!  LOOK WHAT THEY SENT US!  So excited to try them!


OK, so I read a few reviews of Horseshine and it says it helps with allergies and sweet itch!  That is perfect for BG.  So, she will get the Horseshine!  Probably Finn, Wrig and BG will all get the Horseshine since they grab each other’s buckets.

Horseshine for BG!

Here is the info:

from the website – talks about allergies and the elements of flax that help.

REVIEW: Sounds great for allergies!

Sounds GREAT for allergies!

I love comparison charts!


I figure that they could all use digestive aids (Proventum) … especially Dodger who can get very skinny on the topline if I am not careful.  And, they could all use joint, skin and hoof supplements (Nibblers).

Plus, I love giving them treats… so having the Nibblers is a very easy and rewarding way to give them their vitamins!




Looks very good for the elders!


Testimonial from a user who has older horses:





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