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Norma Jean (my donkey), has been musing about Santa Donk on her FB page.  Does  he exist?  And, if he does exist, are treats really involved?!

Well, imagine her surprise when I told her that she had a package today!!  She could not believe her ears!!

I helped her open it…

Inside was a real live note from SANTA DONK!  Gasp!

He exists!

Here, I’ve documented the opening of the package!


I had mistakenly opened it prematurely – I didn’t notice that the package was meant for NORMA JEAN.


Inside was a real note from the true Santa Donk, I think…!


Mmmmmm. Apple!  The fragrance was wonderful!


Peppermint and Carrot. Note that the cookies are heart shaped!


Norma and I were sad that Mama Tess wasn’t around to taste these.  We knew she would have loved them.  And, she could have had them, even though she was Cushings, IR and Metabolic with founder.

What a find!

Here is the website to the Beet-e-bites.  (No affiliation!  I had never heard of these before!)


The only one of the 9 who didn’t eat them up scrumptiously was Annie.  She has issues with most treats.  She won’t eat apples or carrots, either.  The only tasty treat she appreciates are alfalfa cubes.  So, don’t hold her taste buds against Beet-e-Bites!

The rest LOVED them.  I think Apple was the favorite flavor.  But, they liked them all.  I loved the heart shape!  The bag had 15 treats which is just enough to give to everyone – some get doubles – and it doesn’t go bad.  Nice!!


I started with the apple treats. Here are Finn and BG very intently interested in my after they had their first bites. Finn immediately asked for another – before he even finished his first!


Scoutypants wanted one, for sure. I gave in.


Mo is very discerning… he asked for seconds, too!


This is MM chewing and nodding.


Scouty was smelling Gwen as she ate hers…  I kept tripping on Scout as she followed me around… So I gave Scout another.


This is Wrigley begging for another before he has even swallowed his first! Not bad for a low sugar, low carb snack!!


OK, so this is Annie spitting hers out… Norma is eating hers and Dodger is eating his. Both of them asked for more!


Dodger is telling Annie to spit them out his way, next time…  He cannot believe that she spit out the same thing he just relished!



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Oh My Gosh, this FUNGUS FREE is curing my donkey’s skin issue, FINALLY! Maybe it will work for you!!

A while ago, I wrote about Swamp Cancer.

In that blog, I had cited a product, FUNGUS FREE, for Swamp Cancer.  After discovering the blog, the owner of that company wrote to me and told me that now the product was even better.  She told me that her FUNGUS FREE worked on many skin ailments (not just Swamp Cancer), was all natural and that she would send a bottle for me to try on my Norma.


Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 9.23.38 PM

photo_1 (1)


Norma Jean, my donkey, has what the vet described as ‘donkey psoriasis’.  He gave me a shampoo that was supposed to kill it.

It didn’t.

For the past 6 months, on and off, I’ve tried just about every product out there for all kinds of equine skin ailments – mostly rain rot or fungus cures.  They all worked a little, some more than others, but eventually, Norma would bite at the itchy skin and reinfect herself.  The sores never healed completely, even when wrapped consistently.

So, when I was offered yet another product, I was guardedly optimistic.

These are kinda hard to see if you don't know what you are looking for... but usually, she has scabs and weeping sores on her legs. Now, she has healing scabs and healed skin! No flies and no wraps!

These are kinda hard to see if you don’t know what you are looking for… but usually, she has scabs and weeping sores on her legs. Now, she has healing scabs and healed skin! No flies and no wraps!

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.41.56 AM

Her left front leg at the rear is the worst. You can see the areas that are effected and healing. This is remarkable! No wraps, it is 95+ degrees here and no flies! She isn’t biting and the sores are healing! I’m wondering if humans with psoriasis should try this?!


It arrived right when I was traveling between the two houses.  The bottle was stout and the liquid fragrant like herbs.  Actually, it smells and feels like salad dressing to me… very natural and clean.

I slathered it onto Norma’s clean (but scabby) legs and then left town.  I came back 3 days later and her legs looked good!  They were healing!   And even though she had no wraps and I had been gone for 60 hours, she hadn’t bitten the new scabs!

Hmmmm.   So I did it again.  I slathered the salad dressing super sauce all over her legs and I left town again.  48 hours later, her legs were still healing!


Now I’ve been home for 2 days and have used it both days.  The healing feels very rapid.

I think we are onto something!

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 9.23.51 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 9.24.00 PM

I’M SO IMPRESSED!  No wrapping, no biting, no flies!

I cannot believe how well this is working – with the least amount of care…  Usually, I would use a product and wrap her legs daily.   With the Fungus Free, I’ve been fairly catch-as-catch-can due to my crazy schedule, and it is working better than all the others!  All I’ve done is clean the area and slather it on – and leave.  That’s it!   Today, I rubbed the excess from my hands all over my arms to keep the bugs off while I was feeding.

And then I thought about BG…  I read the label and it said, “Mane and Tail rubbing” , which is usually due to midges around here… , so I ran up and dosed BG on her itchy spots.    I actually want to wash her mane and apply this to see if I can create a change there.  (After treating  her for the Neck Worms, her coat is so much better, but she still has residual hot spots on her chest, belly and tail that she is in the habit of rubbing.)

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.41.44 AM

I noticed that a new patch was starting on her chest, so I hit it right away with Fungus Free Plus! We’ll see… but I am very impressed so far.

HERE IS THE WEBSITE – so much information! – (no affiliation)

The website has so much more information about Swamp Cancer and other skin diseases.  Please check it out in case this could help your horse!!

Click to go to the website and read more!

Click to go to the website and read more!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!