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MO (my donkey) received a package FROM SANTA today! Read on…!

Hubby came inside with a package for Mo last night…

The package for Mo.

Inside were three packages and a Christmas card!

It was for Mo from Santa! I read it to him and he was delighted! Mo had never, ever received a gift before, let alone a card from SANTA! He was beyond excited!

Nicker Treats! Healthy low carb, low sugar treats!

Mo was first… they were his gift after all…

Gwen stretched for hers!

Norma quickly came over to get her bite!


Dodger was nervous he would lose out so he grabbed his and ran!

Mo got another…

Annie kept reaching down low… difficult to take the proper pic.

This is Missy Miss.


Wrigley was looking very excited with Beautiful Girl behind.  He knew what was coming… he had been watching.

Wrigley was super excited. He got in line over and over and over again…

This is Beautiful Girl taking her treat very delicately. She is very well mannered.

Finn is so handsome and such a good boy…

I could feel eyes on me… it was Annie, Moe and Missy Miss, plus Scoutypants, who loves horse cookies.

So they got more… how could I resist these faces?!

Kitty and Scoutypants wanted theirs, too.

Back to these three at their other favorite viewing spot – near the garage where they can watch me… they always stand in the same order.  Annie, Mo and Missy Miss.

Of course, Mo got the last one. Such a good donkey to share!


EMERGENCY BUCKET FUND FOR 5 MONTH-OLD WILD MUSTANG FOAL STUCK AND FROZEN IN ICE – EMERGENCY DECEMBER BUCKET FUND! LET’S HELP TINY SVEN! He is alive and fighting to survive.  He is in the best hands, but needs a lot of meds and care.  It is touch and go right now.  Please donate any leftover Holiday cheer (Starbucks?) to this little guy.  I WOULD SO APPRECIATE IT.  100% tax deductible.  Click here to donate and thank you!

He his fighting! Sven can stand for short periods, but he is in critical condition. A vet is in his stall with him at all times. The feeling is he will survive, if he can get through the next 48 hours.


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My donkey’s skin fungus is back. Ugh. I ordered Fungus Free Plus (Major’s Solution) and Sox for Horses is sending a pair. HAVE YOU EVER TRIED HORSE SOX?

My poor Norma Jean…

When she is tremendously stressed, or when it is very hot out, she breaks out in what I call, Donkey Psoriasis.  None of the vets know what it is…we tried for months to cure it…

…so I was kinda on my own since nothing they prescribed fixed it.  Not even steroids.

It ends up, The Miraculous  Cure was Fungus Free Plus.  I wrote about her skin fungus previously here.

I know you have heard me rave about it.   I was so shocked that it worked –  it is all natural.  I swear, Fungus Free Plus is such a great product, the flood victim horses are using it with great success (Louisiana and Texas!).  It is even known to cure Swamp fever!

Anyway, today… I noticed a new outbreak.

And, it was worse than before.  I think the fact that I was gone for 2 weeks – and that it was between 106 and 112 every day I was gone… didn’t help… The flies added to her stress, too.

Luckily I still had some FFP left – which I used today – but I am going to purchase the internal formula, just in case Norma’s issue is systemic.  I am very curious…

You can purchase Fungus Free Plus here (no affiliation).

This is Norma Jean. I’ve washed and wrapped her legs and applied Fungus Free Plus. I’m waiting for Sox for Horses to arrive.  Yes, I know the right one is already falling down.  That’s why I need Sox for Horses.  I hope they work!

Click to go to website


I left all of my leg wraps in Grass Valley.  I hadn’t used them since Mama Tess and I guess I figured I wouldn’t need them.

But, to be honest, I had used leg wraps on Norma Jean previously, and they fell down.

So, when I was offered Sox for Horses for Norma, I jumped at the chance!  This should be interesting.  The Sox are on their way!   I’m sure they will be better than my wraps pictured here!

I met these folks because they wanted to donate to the Texas Flood victim  horses.  They wanted to offer Sox for Horses to the vets we are supporting through the Bucket Fund.  Nice.

So, a pair is coming to Norma Jean for her to try.  YAY!!!!

Have you tried these?



HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!