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A love quadrangle… Dalton, Norma, Dodger and sometimes Mo.

Four of my equines are in unrequited love.

At least that’s how it appears.  I mean, they haven’t told me as such, but I see a daily ritual that breaks hearts.

Here’s what I see…


Lately, I’ve seen a little clutch down at the bottom of the paddocks – consisting of Dodger, Dalton, Norma and Mo.

Dodger and Norma are in their pen, but against the adjoining fence to Dalton.

Dalton is down there right next to Pony and Her Donkness, on his side of the fencing.

Mo is on the exterior (large field) fence which faces the apex of both Dodger/Norma paddock and Dalton paddock, pawing at the ground and showing his disapproval.

This happens daily, several times a day.

However, as many times as I tell myself to remember to bring my phone outside, I always forget – especially this time of year because my coolest clothing have no pockets…


Norma has always loved young, horse geldings.

Recently, we added young, handsome, Mustang Dalton to the mix.  And, he is right next door to Norma.

This makes Norma very happy.

I’m not sure that gelding Dalton really cares, but I think he finds it all amusing and something to do.  Perhaps he likes the attention of a cougardonk, dunno.

All of this upsets Dodger.  Always has.  He tries to control Norma and her lovelife, but when it comes to young geldings, he cannot.  So, Dodger stands very close to Norma and shows his displeasure – but mainly he tries to make sure that she doesn’t get hurt.

Mo, who has never shown too much interest in Norma as a girlfriend, definitely thinks of her as part of his satellite girl herd.  (Mo has two mares in his immediate herd – Annie and Missy Miss – so he is quite confident in his herd lothario status.)  Norma, as far as Mo is concerned, is a donkey and therefore is part of his herd.  He grew up in a wild donkey herd and Norma is a donkey.  Nuff said.  So, Mo is very, very upset that Norma would find Dalton interesting.  Mo stands as close as he can to the Norma and Dalton Show, pawing at the ground, pinning his ears and making unhappy donkey sounds.


Last night, I decided to lock up Mo so he couldn’t get to the apex area during the day.  I didn’t like him acting so upset in the heat of the day.  Even though donkeys are tough, it is just too hot out there for my comfort.

Anyway, this morning, once again, I did find Norma and Dalton hanging out, with Dodger looking at me for assistance.

Luckily, a few hours later, Dodger finally motivated Norma to come back up to the misting fan – after all, it was 107 today.  And, Dalton followed suit and stood in the shade.

But, I bet when I go out there later tonight or early in the morning, the quadrangle will be present again (I let Mo out at night).


Poor Norma.  She’s a lovesick donk who prefers horses to her own kind.  This is why she is such a good friend to Dodger – as well as Slick when he was with us.  Horses were all she knew until Mo came on the scene.  And she just doesn’t relate to donkeys…

Dodger pleading with me to do something… Norma teasing Dalton. Dalton making things worse for Dodger. Mo was still locked up at the time or he would have been at the exterior fence, pawing away.

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Guard Donkeys!

Thursday, April 19th, 2018 | Filed under Norma Jean

I wanted to show you a few examples of donkey action from my donkey Norma Jean, and my friend’s donkey.  Both exhibiting the guarding instinct of donkeys.

I tell everyone I know who have coyote or any kind of wild animal issues – Get a donkey (or two – they need companionship).

First, my Norma Jean…


I was in Norma’s paddock, grooming Dodger yesterday.  One of my kitties came in to beg for attention.  Norma hates any interlopers in their paddock.  She will chase out anything – dog, cat, coyote, deer, skunk, rabbit, crow…, it doesn’t matter.  If you don’t belong, you are O-U-T.

Anyway, at first, it looked like NJ was just sniffing the cat… but I knew better.  As I yelled at him to “Get out now!”, I also readied my camera.

It was tough to take photos while making sure the kitty GOT OUT – shooing him with my foot.  Norma would have coaxed him into submission and then stomped him.  No question.

You can see in the end photo frame just how upset the kitty was when he figured out that he was in danger.

Here she is sniffing the kitty. All seems fine.

Yup, kitties are soft.

Uh huh, here the ears go back… kitties may be soft but I don’t want them in my paddock.

Kitty thinks he senses something but isn’t quite sure… so he moves away.

Yikes! She seems friendly but… something is wrong here.  Norma puts her ears forward to coax him into submission.

A second later, Norma Jean is on the move, trying to stomp the kitty who takes off running for the fence.

Kitty makes it out just in time.


My friend has a mini donkey who is very territorial, especially over her area and her toys.  My friend’s dog is oblivious – which is probably why he is not frightened.  But this donk is definitely trying to get her point across.

Angry donkey.

Very angry donkey

Young dog oblivious…

Really, really angry donkey.

Furious donkey, baby dog still wants to play ball with the furious donkey. Luckily, this donkey doesn’t stomp like Norma Jean.

MORAL OF THE STORY – get a protection donkey (or two)

Donkeys cannot live alone.  They are herd animals even more than horses.  They need someone else.

But, they are great protection animals and don’t need much food – if the food is nutritious.  Just add good food, fresh water and another soul to nurture a donkey… and they will do a great job for you.

Plenty donkeys need rescue.  The BLM has many.  Also, check donkey rescues in your area.  Also, Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue has many for adoption!

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