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POOR NORMA… do you wrap-up your horse during the (hot) fly season?

I feel so badly for Norma… she is badly irritated by flies in the summer months and it really exacerbates her donkey psoriasis.

So, this year, I’ve decided to add a few weapons to our arsenal.  On top of the natural herbs, fly sprays and fly masks… I’ve added leg wraps (mesh) and a huge, lightweight, nose/ears covering fly mask.

She hates it.

I don’t blame her.  (The issue is that no one that I have found makes a true DONKEY fly mask… they make a one-size-fits-all-longears and that isn’t true.  Norma is a regular sized donkey and this mask is for MULES AND DONKEYS which is totally a misnomer because donkeys and mules are totally different animals!  Please, someone, make a flymask for regular donkeys… I know, I know, there aren’t enough of them to make it fiscally worthwhile – but I need one.)

Let’s see how long the flymask lasts…

(PS:  She has a fan… and I have only had unfortunate luck with feed-throughs.  Not saying they don’t work for some, just not for my horses.)

Poor Norma Jean… She is a curly donkey and she doesn’t shed until August. So I brush her daily to pull out loose hair and keep her sprayed down. But now I’ve added mesh leg wraps and a huge fly mask. She hates it all.

(Couldn’t help but think of this image when I took Norma’s pic in her new gear.)

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Santa sent a box to Norma Jean (my donkey) using USPS (for some reason…).

Oh my goodness!!  Norma Jean was so very pleased today when we opened it together!

Her comment was that she was willing to share this 3 lb bag of Beet-E-Bites (mint flavor) with her paddockmate, Dodger.  But, no one else.  Her reasoning?  Well, it was based on a story I shared with her about my 3 lb box of See’s Candy that I received from Santa.  You see… after I gave everyone a taste, there was hardly any left for me.

So, Norma put her hoof down.  All Beet-E-Bites go to her and Dodger, since they are the ones who cannot have sugary snacks anyway.  I had to read the packaging to Norma, as she is loathe to go off her diet:  all natural, no sugar, no molasses, no grains, non gmo beet pulp, no preservatives, no artificial color.   Yay!   She can eat them ALL.


*It has been raining almost non-stop here for days and days.  Everyone is a little muddy.

The package label!!

The envelope inside!

Santa’s note to NJ!

The present!! Mint flavored Beet-E-Bites, Norma’s favorite! All natural, low sugar, low carb snacks! Healthy snacks for a curvy girl.

Of course, Norma asked if I had checked the wear date and if these were very fresh. She had to smell her favorite cookie herself, to make sure… and she said, VERY FRESH!


DODGER wanted his…

You can see that his eyes rolled back a bit. LOVE!

Norma wanted more… which she can have since these are low sugar, low carb.

Shhhhh. Don’t tell NJ, but I did give one of her Beet-e-Bites to Dalton. He LOVED it.


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!