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Fun and GAMES! And what Norma wants, Norma gets.

Today, I felt that the Three Donkateers and pony sidekick were settled enough to venture out into the 6 acres.  Besides, they had Norma with them and Norma knows the ropes of the 6 acres.  So, I opened the gate.

Immediately, they ran to the furthest point.

I opened the gate and they all ran immediately to the far corner. This pasture is 5+ acres and I’m on the opposite side – so they look tiny.

So I zoomed in. We have Rocky, Norma, Princess BCP and then Ethel Wonky Donk.

Uh oh. Here comes very expressive Wrigley.

Of course, snorting and neck hinging occurred. Norma is coming up to protect her pony, as she always did.

Both Wrig and Rocky took off running. Norma decided to exit stage right.

Wrigley was very excited. He made several runs through the upper pasture and back down to Rocky.   PS: You can see how the fence has majorly deteriorated since it was built 4 years ago.

Rocky (still flagging his tail), Princess and Ethel are now further down the hill and disengaged from Wrigley.

AFTER THE SOJOURN – What Norma wants, Norma gets.

I left them all out there to do what they wanted.

At dinner time, Norma indicated that she wanted back in with Dalton and Gwen.

Norma is no fool.  She makes calculated decisions.  So I asked myself why did she want in with Dalton?

Maybe Norma was a bit disappointed that the new pony didn’t instantly love her.   After all, she instantly loved the pony.  As soon as she was let into his pen, she went straight up to him and looked at him so hopefully.  She wanted that pony friendship she misses so much.   Truly, I had never seen her march up to a new horse like she took her position next to Rocky.

Rocky doesn’t know of Norma’s epic experience with ponies.  He doesn’t know what an expert pony helper Norma has been.  He doesn’t see her pony love and knowledge.

But he will.

Until then, I think Norma can only take small doses – as she figures out her position with him.  I think she is a bit confused on why Rocky isn’t her instabud and she wants to feel love at the end of the day, which Dalton gives her.

Still, I will keep Norma coming and going… because I’d sure love to see her ponydesires met with Rocky the half blind pony.

At dinner time, Norma asked to come into Dalton and Gwen’s pen.

Dalton is the boss, but he let’s Norma eat with him and protects her from Gwen. I think Norma feels loved in this pen.



At the end of their first day out in the big field, the new two donkeys plus the pony WERE EATING TOGETHER.  That had not yet happened.  So, I think a day out was a very bonding experience.

This seemed a bit ironic to me because for 25 years, it was always 2 ponies and a donkey (Slick, Dodger and Norma).  Today, it is 2 donkeys and a pony (Ethel Merdonk Wonky Donkey, Princess Buttercup Pebbles and Rocky Balboa).

Those dark brown stripes on Princess Buttercup Pebbles’ ears are so velvety and soft.  Kinda like her…

They hadn’t all eaten together since they arrived. But tonight, they did! Ethel, Princess BC Pebbles and Rocky.

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